Need to have this thing done by Oct 9th.

we can probably go over this in class...

Here is my start... We can all add onto this I guess...

Project Plan Ideas

Situation With one in four of children in BC being overweight or obese, its seems that there is a lack of health education and healthy lifestyle choices among BC children and their parents. Obesity and excess weigh contribute to many negative health issues including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and many other diseases that often occur later in life due to poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. Surveys indicate that obesity is on the rise with BC children since 1995 and therefore actions need to be taken to stop this trend. Starting January 2007 the Provincial government has made it their mandate to increase the education and services to schools in order to facilitate change in this increasing rate. Two information sources have been established by the Government of BC: the Act Now website and the Action Schools! program. These programs are already showing success with 1,321 of BC’s schools already registered with Action Schools! by July 31st 2007.

Objectives The objective of our campaign is to educate students, teachers and parents about BC’s health initiative, and to endorse Act Now and Action Schools! Programs. This objective hopes to significantly decrease the rate of obesity in BC children as well as promoting lifestyle choices at a young age that will be maintained as lifelong routines. Our campaign is designed to endorse these government programs with a school wide assembly. This assembly will go over the Action Schools! “six action zones” and the Act Now fitness measures FITT (Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type). Furthermore it will be interactive, with our team of experts choosing a selection of volunteer students from the crowd, we will demonstrate how easy and fun these new fitness methods can be.

Audience The audience for this campaign is ideally everyone in BC because we encourage a healthy lifestyle to all citizens. However this campaign will be tailored more specifically to young students, their teachers and parents. We feel that if we can gain support of teachers and parents and encourage children at a young age, then they will maintain these healthy lifestyle choices into their teenage years.

Strategies Our Campaign should be one that promotes the “feel good” attitude. Especially for children, their innocence lacks comprehension of guilt or fear, and we want to promote the idea that healthy living is happy positive and exciting. By promoting a feel good attitude to our program there we hope that children will look at their lifestyle choices and be proud and them and who they are because of them. We want to promote healthy body images and understandings of what it means to be healthy inside rather that what we can see on the outside. This goes for nutrition too, looking at how healthy foods make us feel and how foods high in sugar and fats will make us feel good temporarily.

Tactics -petitions for removal of junk food at schools -bouncy ball seats or tall desk stations -monthly brochures for parents – recipies/lunch ideas/ local activities -posters/ poster contest for children -food tastings -jump for heart contests -school wide sports days (seasonal) -teacher materials -celebrity endorsement – contest to win canucks/whitecaps/sfu


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