Caliban is a moon orbitting jupiter. The moon is large and urban with a population of 72-95 billion. There are different sectors on this moon.

Lower City

The lower city is where most of the refugees who come to the Sol System make homes. It can be very dangerous becaus of the war between the two major 'Gangs'. The House of Jorat and the romulan Garhel. There are Andorian, Bajoran, Bolian, Cardassian, Changeling, Ferengi, Jem'Hadar, Kazon, Klingon, Malcorian, Ocampa, Orion, Qomar, Romulan, Suliban, Talaxian, Tellarite, Trill, Vidiian, Vorta, Vulcan, Xindi and Yridian Compounds. There are also bars and lots of apartment buildings and houses to house the refugees.

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