natawagan ko na first atempt.. voice mail.. may 2 pa aq.. hehehe

ei.. thanks ah.. try q tawagan toh.. anu nga pla name? saka address?

>>>me-ann...i have a callback here! if you can call her at 6EST..

here's the details...

name: amber baltimore

type: new account

contact number: 2149516382

ss: 438350883

dob: 08/15/1978

i already run the credit check and the result was 2/0/0

cx wants to set up two lines and i recommend 2 sam moment. i already told the cx that im going to give her a ONE TIME OFFER which is auto50 for each phone if shes going to take the phone today. plus the DNIS was 3427 so i told no activation fee and shipping fee will be charge.

(di ko na matawagan kasi naka 3times na ako! laging nacu-cut ang line kasi di siya nakapag-charge..... please.. pwede naman ata ang callback sa inyo diba? go for the GA!)

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