Called Shot only works on creatures with distinct features, which means you can't make called shots on big tentacly blobs. (Whether a creature has distinct features or not is up to the GM).

Making a called shot adds the following modifier to the target's Armor Class:

Table: Called Shot
Size Modifier
Tiny No Called Shot
Small +6 to Ac
Medium +4 to Ac
Large +4 to Ac
Huge +2 to Ac
Gargantuan No Modifier
Colossal No Modifier


Making a successful called shot to the head is an automatic critical (if a critical hit can be done to the target).

Limb Shots:

Making a successful called shot to a limb will reduce speed by 20% and/or attacks according to the limb being hit. Arms take a -2 to attack and any skill in which use of the arms are required, such as Climbing.

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