Children's Favourite Compilation is a fan-fiction compilation UK VHS featuring one Thomas episode narrated by Ringo Starr and other episodes from Postman Pat, Spot, Fireman Sam, Pingu, A Day Full of Songs, Noddy, Bagpuss, Camberwick Green, Gran, Henry's Cat and Fun Song Factory.


Video 1

  1. Postman Pat - Postman Pat's Birthday
  2. Spot - Spot Makes a Cake
  3. Fireman Sam - Spot of Bother
  4. Thomas the Tank Engine - Thomas, Percy and the Coal
  5. Pingu - Pingu's New Kite
  6. A Day Full of Songs - 1993 - Full Video

Video 2

  1. Noddy - Noddy and the Special Key
  2. Bagpuss - The Mouse Mill
  3. Camberwick Green - Peter the Postman
  4. Gran - Gran's Gadgets
  5. Henry's Cat - The Holiday
  6. Fun Song Factory - 1994 - Full Video


  • Thomas episode narrated by Ringo Starr.

Front Cover

  • Sooty, Barney, Thomas, Kipper, The Tweenies, Peppa Pig, The Mr. Men, Brum, Ozzy, Pingu, Postman Pat and Spot

Back Cover

  • The episode listings

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