“You are the light from the dark hole your line came from” Haden Strith to his son Calson moments before his death.

Calson was always a mysterious child, from when he was born to his supposed “death”. He was the son of the Dark Lord Haden Strith and grandson to Markus Calson. He was extremely gifted in the force, especially in the dark side, but for some reason was not corrupted by the dark side. He grew up as his cousin Cyrus’s sidekick. Always tagging along.

After Calson killed his father and Cyrus stepped off the galactic throne, Calson departed from Cyrus’s side and went into the Republic Military where he served as a commander at the age of 17. He soon left and became king of the planet of Genian. After years of ruling Genian the galaxy faced a new threat in which Calson was asked to become Supreme Commander after the Republic was losing the war. Calson answered the call and engaged this new Sith Empire formed by his father’s old mentor Darth Carnage.

Calson pushed back the Sith and was able to engage Darth Carnage in the Battle of Korriban in which Carnage was redeemed and his spirit was set free. Calson then put on Carnages mask and learned all of the secrets of the dark side and was offered to replace Carnage as keeper of the dark side. Calson however denied the power and hid Carnage’s mask.

After that Calson went to the republic and with his military power he seized the Republic, saying that the Republic and all its different political views were not stable for the galaxy. He placed himself as Emperor and reformed the Republic back to the Galactic Sphere United Nation and established a dynasty. He had a supposed death but only faked it. He was able to make Carnage’s immortal power into a power in which the light side could use. He went to Zonama Sekot to hide himself from the galaxy, hoping to never return.


Life on Dantooine

“Just because your father doesn’t come visit you does not mean he does not love you.” Calson’s caretaker Andrea.

Calson grew up on the planet of Dantooine on Haden’s secret estate. He was taken care by a woman named Andrea who was like a mother figure to Calson. Andrea was the only other human Calson ever saw until the age of 5. Andrea was the only family he knew. They developed a bond as Andrea thought of Calson as her own son.

Andrea sang Calson a song in which Calson never forgot. Sang in a dead language from an ancient tribe on Dantooine, the words were soft and smooth. Those who heard it became instantly calm, which became useful when Calson would wake up after having horrible nightmares. This close relationship would soon come to an end.

Andrea had a horrible vision of Calson, one of him killing her when he was older. After receiving this she had no choice but to take Calson away form her. She at first did not know, but knowing that Haden was a Sith outcast and the dark side ran thick in their blood she took him to the Sith. She knew it would be the perfect place for him. The Dark Lady of the Sith Skeld, a Chiss Sith, broke her neck when she turned around right in front of Calson. Calson did nothing for he did not know what to feel. Skeld then took him into the Sith at the age of 5.

Life as a Sith

Calson’s life as a Sith was a short one. After being left to the Sith, Dark Lady Skeld assigned Calson to a very powerful and dark Sith Lord Edrik Knight. Edrik, knowing Haden as somewhat of a rival, grudgingly took Calson as an apprentice. However Calson seemed to be more of an enemy than an actual apprentice to Edrik. He never obeyed orders nor talked to Edrik. He made Edrik furious so many times that Edrik almost killed the 5 year old boy. It was definitely not a good master apprentice relationship.

Edrik and Calson soon traveled to Bastion, where Lady Skeld and Edrik engaged into a powerful and deathly duel. The battle lasted a long time and ended in the result of Edrik’s death. Skeld and everyone soon left Calson on Bastion except for a ex-Sith Luminotia Pendragon, and a mysterious boy Cyrus Strith, who was Calson’s second cousin. Calson felt a connection to Cyrus, one not explained until they both found out that Cyrus had the same last name as Haden’s father. It was then that they learned form Luminotia that Cyrus’s mom was Calson’s father’s cousin, making them both related. Calson, glad to find he had family, left with Cyrus and Luminotia to Coruscant where Cyrus was to be put as King.

Royal Sidekick

“You want to know what I did for my 16th birthday…well I killed my father…” Calson to Luminotia.

Ten years after Cyrus was put as King, Calson was put as Cyrus’s second in command. Calson and Cyrus were closer than any pair of brothers. Calson always looked after Cyrus’s back, considering Calson was a warrior and gifted in the force, and Cyrus was a diplomat. For ten years they had fought a war with the Sith Empire…who was led by none other than Calson’s father Haden Strith. Haden proclaimed himself as Dark Lord ten years prior and united the divided Sith. However little to Calson’s and Cyrus’s knowledge, he only did it to protect both Cyrus and Calson form another Sith Lord coming and defeating them.

Calson knew he had to defeat his father. Haden gave signs of going insane. Every attack on the Kingdom seemed to be more brutal and more insane than everything else. Calson knew his father was powerful in the force, especially since Haden put on Carnage’s mask and was able to gain all of the Sith secrets and powers the ancient Sith kept. Calson needed to make Haden’s force sensitivity to disappear. He had scientists from Coruscant work around the clock to come up with a serum. The serum was finally made. It was to enter a person’s blood and neutralize all midichlorians, making a person who was force sensitive be just a normal person.

Calson had to get close to his father…and inject it in him, however he knew he could not do it. He required the help of Luminotia, who grudgingly accepted the assignment. Luminotia was successful using a rare technique that helps a person not feel any pain when being punctured or stabbed. Haden realized what had happened after Luminotia was long gone. He then decide to make the most insane move of all…invade Coruscant.

On Calson’s 16th birthday he got quite the surprise from his father. Haden sent the whole Sith fleet, including the Sith army, to Coruscant…a mass invasion. The fleet was too huge for the Coruscant defense fleet to defeat it, and there wouldn’t have been enough time for the rest of the republic fleet to come to Coruscant. Calson knew what he had to do…it was time to defeat his father.

Calson took a lone starfighter to Haden’s capital ship, using techniques and strategies to make his passage safe. He was able to crash his ship on Haden’s Eclipse class star dreadnaught. Using the force he managed to sneak to the bridge where Haden and Grand Admiral Deinkins were commanding the fleet. Haden knew Calson was to come and ignited his lightsaber and charged at Calson before Calson could process what was going on.

Calson however was able to move out of the way and ignited his lightsaber. He engaged with his father. Even though his father’s force sensitivity was taken away, Haden was still a great duelist. However Calson was able to make a death dealing blow and stabbed his father in the chest. Laying on the ground Calson went to his father and held him in his arms, knowing his father had something to tell him. Haden told him he had no choice but to abandon him or he would end up being darker and more powerful then anyone in the Strith family and he had to save him from that destiny. Calson nodded and Haden gave the order to Grand Admiral Deinkins to give the codes to all ships to self destruct the whole Sith fleet. Haden told Calson to fly a starfighter as far away as he could until the whole Sith fleet was destroyed. Calson knew that is what he had to do and he left for the hangar. He found a starfighter and flew all the away on the other side of Coruscant until he felt a ripple in the force telling him his father and the Sith Empire had been defeated.

Galactic Hero

Soon after Calson returned to the surface of Coruscant, people cheered his name. The appraised him as a hero…saying he defeated the Sith Empire. Calson tried to deny it but people saw that as more admirable. When Calson returned to the palace he saw his cousin Cyrus being more stressed then ever. Calson knew that being the King of the galaxy was hard work for his cousin.

He advised him that maybe he needed a life of ease and make the galaxy back to a republic and go back to Dubrillion. Cyrus did not want to hear it but after a while he agreed with Calson. He resigned as King. Then the galaxy went straight to Calson, since Calson was the next living relative to Cyrus. Calson declined the offer of being King and told them to form the republic, in which they did. After that Calson left the military life.

King of Genian

Calson had no place to go after he left the Republic to rebuild itself. He had plans on traveling throughout the galaxy to find what his purpose was. However soon before he left he was contacted by the Genian Royal Council. Calson was not sure what they wanted from him. He had never been to Genian or had any crossings with the council. Calson was considering ignoring the call, but his curiosity seemed to have overwhelm him. So after debating with himself greatly he decided to go.

When he arrived at the Genian Royal Palace he was greeted by the Royal Council at the moment he stepped foot on the landing pad. He could tell they were anxious to see him, but he had no idea what they wanted from him. As soon as he was escorted to the Genian Royal Palace they took him to the Council Room, where Calson was placed in the center of a circular formation.

They asked him a series of questions concerning his family history. Calson did not know much. He never knew his mother and all he knew of his father’s side was the Strith family. After many question Calson demanded to know what was going. After a moment with Silence they finally revealed to Calson that his grandma was a Jedi Knight named Serona Oparus and daughter of the last King of Genian. Though the obvious heir would have been a Jedi Master by the name of Dagon Oparus, he turned down the throne years before. The council needed a King for all of them were old of age and it was tradition that a new King would select his council members. So they traced the next heir to be Calson.

Calson was not sure if he should take the offer. He was known to be a leader, but he was not sure if he could be King of a planet. After talking with the council he was convinced, however there were conditions. First was that he would have to take the last name Oparus while on the planet Genian to keep the Royal name active in the ruling class. If he were to have children his first born would have to take the last name Oparus. Minor condition Calson was willing to accept.

After the meeting Calson was escorted and given the tour by the beautiful palace maid Vadel Kalinio. Calson was amazed at the beautiful woman. Golden blonde hair and blue eyes like the oceans of Mon Calamari. She was amazing and Calson fell in love with her instantly, however he was able to mask his emotions quite easily.

Calson got settled into the palace quite easily. It was a luxurious place of comfort and also a strong sense of the light side of the force could be felt. Comforted by the sense it made it easy to calm himself when he was stressed out by the planet’s problem. Even though Genian was a peaceful planet, it had gone under a crime spree during the years without a King. Calson, with the help of the head of Security Dane Josel, was able to end the crime on Genian.

Calson also started developing strong feeling for Vadel, who in return started feeling something for Calson. Calson had never been in love with anyone, especially someone as beautiful as Vadel, so he was in an awkward position.

One evening Calson took a walk around the palace gardens and bumped into Vadel sitting on a bench enjoying the beauty of the night. Calson sat down by her and they started to talk. It was in the middle of the conversation that Vadel made the first move and kissed Calson. Calson, unsure what to do pulled back but soon returned the kiss. Calson would never forget the night he had his first kiss.

The Dark Wars

Three years had gone by at Calson reached the age of 21. In the Royal family tradition this was the time that the heir or King would choose a wife. Calson had Vadel on his mind of course. After three years they both had grown quite close. The night of Calson’s 21st birthday Calson propose to Vadel who accepted without a beat of hesitation. Calson never had a happier moment, however something was about to happen that would Change Calson’s life forever.

One day Calson was approached by a Republic Admiral and his uncle Jake Fenris. It seemed that a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Carnage had rebuilt a new Sith Empire and has attacked the Outer Rim, once again taking it over for the Sith. Admiral Fenris said they needed a new Supreme Commander because the last one was killed during the Chiss-Mando War, and the republic was afraid of this new Sith threat.

Even though Calson was afraid for the galaxy’s safety, he declined. He was only 21 years old, barely able to keep planet in order, he did not see fit having control of a whole galactic military. Jake pleaded with Calson telling he has his father’s gift of military tactics and strategies, but Calson was still unconvinced and Jake left unhappy.

Calson kept living a peaceful life away from the war that was brewing. However news got to Calson that the new Sith Empire made its way into the Mid Rim and had also been able to make its way to parts of the Inner Rim. Calson soon began to fear Genian safety, for it was an Industrial planet and important to the Republic, no doubt Darth Carnage would know that information.

Once again Admiral Fenris approached Calson for the position of Supreme Commander. This time Calson was more interested into listening on what Jake had to say. Jake talked to Calson for a while and this time Calson was convinced to take the position, even when his fiancé pleaded for him not to do it. Calson reassured her everything would be alright. Calson then appointed the Council the Right to Rule, which gave the Council all executive powers for the planet, and left to deal with this new threat.

Calson arrived to Coruscant and was greeted by the Supreme Chancellor himself. They walked to the Chancellor’s office, talking about the situation. When they made it to the chancellor’s office, the Supreme Chancellor himself pinned on the Supreme Commander Insignia on Calson’s uniform and Calson left to take command of the Republic Military.

Battle of Corellia

Not soon after Calson addressed his men, news got out that the Sith were attacking Corellia. Claons appointed Admiral Fenris in charge of the battle, however he was suggested to go so that he would know how the Sith would fight. Calson agrees without argument and went with his uncle for his first battle during the war, which would prove how genius Calson was when it came to battle.

As soon as the Republic fleet went into orbit, it was force to engage with the Sith fleet. The two fleets interlocked into battle. The Sith seemed to be brutal in their tactics, not giving anyone a chance to formulate a strategy to defeat them. Calson himself was hesitant on coming up with a battle. However he was able to get his thoughts together and come up with a strategy.

He saw the Sith’s mistake, they were rushing in battling the enemy. So Calson used that to his advantage. He had all ships draw back, leading the sith away from the planet. This caused some argument because it was drawing the Sith fleet away from the Orbital guns, however Calson had a much better plan. He had the Orbital gun use their boosters to move behind the Sith fleet. Calson soon had the Sith fleet spread a little to thinly for them to use their brutality. He then commanded the orbital guns to fire from behind as the Republic engaged in the front.

The Sith admirals were at a loss however they commanded to keep fighting. Calson was then able to move past the Sith fleet and attack behind them with the orbital guns, surrounding the remainder of the Sith fleet. The Sith, because of their pride, surrounded the Sith fleet and was able to destroy the invading force. The Republic cheered for it was their first victory during the whole War. For once the Republic had confidence that they might be able to pull out.

Pushing out the Sith

Calson was soon able to formulate ingenious strategies, sometimes at a fast pace when he was under pressure. After the Battle of Corellia Calson made a decision to take the offensive instead of staying and defending what planets the republic had left. The Senate argued with the Chancellor about this decision however left it in Calson’s hands.

Calson engaged the Sith in the Inner Rim, who were surprisingly well defended for attacks considering they were on the offensive through the whole war. Every victory seemed to be harder and harder to win. Darth Carnage was no military genius, but he knew how to prepare for them. Calson started to get worried as the Sith adapted to his strategies. However this did not stop the Republic pushing out the Sith from the Inner Rim.

Battle of Genian

Soon after the parts of the Inner Rim that were taken form the were taken back, Darth Carnage made a bold move and attacked Genian, knowing its importance to the Republic as well as the young Supreme Commander. Calson did not waste anytime into defending the planet, however the fleet Carnage sent was more massive then any other fleet Calson had battles against. Not only did Calson have problems in orbit, but the Sith sent down a ground force to take the surface.

Calson was overwhelmed with tow battles going on at once. He sent a ground force but he was not sure if he should stay up in orbit or lead the ground team. He was relieved a little when Jedi Grand Master Dagon Oparus came with a team of 200 Jedi. Genian was the home planet of the Grand Master as well as Calson and he would do anything to defend it. Calson gladly accept the help.

He was still in conflict whether to stay in orbit or go down to the surface. Even with Dagon’s oath to keep the planet safe, the face of his love Vadel kept popping in his face. He made a rash decision and put his uncle Jake in charge of the battle and he left for the surface.

Calson went to the front lines as soon as he landed, bringing his lightsaber with him. This was never done before by a Supreme Commander, but Calson needed to keep his planet safe. It was soon however that the Sith made their way past the line and was able to raid the Royal Palace. Calson, fearing for Vadel’s life, rushed as soon as he can, but before he even stepped onto the Palace Grounds he could feel Vadel’s death. Feeling the strike of grief as well as anger he engaged the Sith army with pure rage, cutting down all in his path trying to locate Vadel’s body. All Sith who stood in his way were quickly struck down. The Republic had a hard time keeping up with him. There was no way in stopping the raging young commander.

Calson made his way to the Oparus Family Library, where he found Vadel’s body. When he made his way to it he could tell that she had no sign of life. His anger just grew, especially when he heard the sick laughter of a Sith behind him.

At first he thought it would be Darth Carnage himself, but just saw it was a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Fernus. Calson quickly engaged with the Sith Lord. His anger fueling his power to kill this Sith. The lightsaber duel was intense, but Calson could not overcome the Sith even with his anger. Fernus had him on the ground and was about to take the death dealing blow when he was shot from behind. The Sith Lord fell to the ground, dead. Calson soon went to the body of Vadel and held it, tears running down his eyes.

He was soon approached by the soldier who saved his life, a woman by the name of Sarah Minon. Calson did not want to leave Vadel but the woman grabbed his army and stood him up, telling him he had to continue on fighting. Calson, shocked at the woman’s urgency, realized she was right. He grabbed his lightsaber and continued the battle. He was able to push the Sith away from the palace and the Sith soon retreated. He then got word from Jake that the Sith Fleet were beginning to leave the battle. Another Victory for the Republic, but it was a victory Calson would never want to think back to.

Finishing the Sith

After the Battle of Genian, Calson soon had a hunger to defeat the Sith. His tactics seemed to be more brutal and less well planned. It was as if he was using the Sith way of thinking. Even though they were more brutal and rushed, they were still getting the job done, and they were still considered more genius then anyone else’s. The Republic was beginning anxious to see the Sith get defeated once and for all.

During the Battle for the Outer Rim, Calson made a stop to Dantooine to have a small break from the war. Even though it was only hours to Calson it was like days. His mind so war torn he needed a time to just think for himself. The loss of Vadel still haunting him, he almost contemplating quitting the war, thinking if he could not protect her then how can he save the Republic.

While at a lake he was visited by a force ghost by the name of Jasmine Oparusites. Calson was not really sure what to make of it and asked why she was seeing him. Soon she revealed that she had a story that would help him defeat Darth Carnage and end the Ancient Sith Lord’s long life. She told him the story of a Jedi named Rune Oparusites. A Jedi who betrayed the order and his love for a power that promised him immortality and how he regretted trading his love for the power all this time.

Calson matched the Story with Darth Carnage but did not know how it would help him defeat the Sith Lord. He knew of one person who could help him however, it was just the matter of finding her. Finding the old Prophetess Ashca, who he knew about from his father’s holocron. The question was how would you find her?

Calson did not have to look. Soon after he asked the question to himself, Ashca appeared right in front of him. She introduced herself and Calson was shocked, but relieved that she appeared out of no where. Calson asked her how to defeat Carnage and she gave him just one simple clue…that he had to make him let go. As soon as she was done saying that she disappeared. Calson knew what he had to do. He had to engage Darth Carnage himself, no matter what the cost.

Final Assault

“You set me free Calson, remember that. You did not kill me, but set me free” Darth Carnage

Calson and the Republic were able to drive the Sith Empire all the way back to Korriban. Calson was soon planning for an all out final assault against the Sith however the Senate would soon get in the way. They voted on a plan to have the Republic begin fortifying itself and rebuild it military stronger for another Sith attack instead of sending what it had left to defeat them. The Supreme Chancellor tried his best to fight it however the Senate was able to veto his veto.

Calson was enraged by this plan and made an appearance in the Senate. He told them that if they did not fight now the Sith will never be defeated and they will just keep coming back stronger. He also brutally told them that their politics are getting in the way to end this war. He proposed that they give him full military powers in order to finish this war so the Senate did not get in the way. Using the force he won over the Senate, something he was not proud of but he knew it had to be done.

Calson then went straight to Korriban with as much as the Republic Fleet could spare without leaving the other worlds totally undefended. Once he arrived at Korriban he was totally shocked to see that the Sith’s fleet was at massive size. Bigger than what Calson brought. He then Realized this must have been the plan of Darth Carnage all along.

He was about to have his fleet flee from the planet, however the Sith fleet where able to surround Calson’s. Calson thought hard, and tried to think fast when the Sith engaged. Calson formulated with his Admirals and was able to come up with a strategy that got them out of the corner they were in. Calson was then going to call a retreat until the force ghost, Jasmine, pleaded in his head to face Carnage. Calson sighed knowing that is what he had to do.

Calson once again relied on Jake Fenris to take care of the battle in orbit. He was able to configure a task force consisting of Jedi, one of the Jedi Grand Master Dagon Oparus, and the bravest soldiers, including Sarah Minon the woman who saved Calson’s life. Sarah had been spending much time with Calson and started to develop feeling for him, however Calson was hesitant and still morning for Vadel.

They soon landed and were able to get passed the Sith and make it to the Sith Citadel, which was built right on top of Darth Carnage’s secret temple. Once inside the Task Force would soon be split up to cover Calson to get to Carnage. Calson however had a hard time finding the passage to Carnage’s temple. However Carnage could feel Calson’s presence and told him through the force where to find the way. Calson suspected it to be a trap, but knew he had no choice but to follow the instructions.

Calson was able to make it underground and into the temple where he met Darth Carnage face to face. Calson ignited his lightsaber however waited to attack. He knew Carnage was powerful and would not rush him. He did not have to. Darth Carnage engaged Calson with immaculate speed. Calson was not able to keep up. Even though Calson was known for dueling, Darth Carnage was too strong and too powerful. Once again Calson saw himself on the ground to a Sith Lord.

Darth Carnage laughed at how pitiful the assault was. He was about to give the death dealing blow until Calson said Jasmine. Darth carnage instantly stopped. Calson then knew what he had to do. Calson talked with Darth Carnage about it but Carnage was too angry and his heart was too darkened to think of something that happened over 27,000 years prior. Calson thought that Carnage hated Jasmine for thinking she betrayed him when he turned to the dark side, but after talking to him he realized Carnage was not angry at Jasmine, but Carnage himself. That was the key…that is what Ashca met when she said that he had to make him let go.

Calson was able to convince that it was not too late for him to redeem himself and that Jasmine is waiting for him before she becomes one with the force and that if he let go he can be with her once again and finally be at peace. Darth Carnage was convinced and crushed a angelic shaped crystal and emitting his body to the light, becoming Rune Oparusites once again. Before he did this he lifted the dark pledge that the Strith family had been under for centuries for Calson redeeming him. He warned Calson however that the blessing would fade in five centuries. After his body emitted to light all the Sith where dissolved into dust and the Sith fleet crumbled before the Republic’s eyes. The last Calson saw of the man who was once Carnage was the man holding his wife as a force ghost as they became one with the force.

Calson then picked up Darth Carnages mask, the relic of evil energy, said to hold all of Darth Carnages memories, powers, and knowledge. Calson put on the mask and saw everything that Carnage saw for 27,000 years. All the evil powers and knowledge was gained in the young man’s mind. Once the power surge ended he took the mask off. He knew he could be the new Darth carnage, immortal power. The power was tempting however Calson turned down becoming the new Carnage. He already had Carnage’s powers, but with the ability to reject the mask’s immortality he was able to convert Carnage’s powers to the light. Calson would later hide the mask at the Munharot Library so no one can be succumbed by the power.

Establishing a Dynasty

Calson returned to Coruscant, however not to return as a Hero, but with the intentions in besieging Coruscant and reforming the Republic. The war had messed with his mind, changing it and letting him see that the Republic was fragile with it’s many different politics and views, making it Collapse during a time of war.

Calson went to the Senate and they demanded his explanation. Calson had full control of the military and the military had full loyalty to Calson. Told them they he is reforming the republic back to the Galactic Sphere United Nation and was going to establish himself as emperor. This caused a huge stir within the Senate especially with the Supreme Chancellor. Calson once again had to use the force to help convince the Senate it was the right choice. The Senate then agreed and Calson reformed the GSUN, writing up a new Constitution, giving the Emperor more executive powers to ensure the safety of the galaxy.

Rebuilding The Galaxy

Calson wasted no time in rebuilding the worlds ravaged by the Sith. Many planets were torn by the war and would take years, and some, decades to rebuild. Calson however make sure all the planets would be able to rebuild themselves. However some planets did not trust this new GSUN. After a while however they saw Calson having good intentions so was able to get past their hesitation and let the GSUN help them. Many systems saw this and decided they would join the galactic government. Calson was able to united all of the Mid Rim and most of the Outer Rim into the GSUN. The galaxy was almost back to the unity and peace it once had in the days of the Old Republic.

Falling Back In Love

Years passed and he met up with Sarah Minon who was now a commander of her division. Calson was impressed and happy that he was able to see Sarah on a daily bases. Sarah still had strong feelings for Calson however Calson was still not sure about the whole thing. Even though it had been three years his heart still ached for the loss of Vadel.

Calson would soon have to realize that he had to move on and let Vadel go. He would soon start dating Sarah and developed feelings for her. about a year later Calson was in love with her and they got married, having one son, who they named Felton Strith.

Death and Resurrection

Calson lived a long life and reached the age of 82. He ruled the galaxy and passed on the duties to his son, who he viewed pure hearted and just. Sarah was by his side on his death bed. Calson lost his ability to speak but he knew everyone could tell what he was trying to say...goodbye...Calson closed his eyes and died peacefully.

However it would not be then end of the galactic hero. As soon as Calson closed his eyes on his death bed he woke up in the Valley of the Jedi. He stood up and noticed his youth was restored. He was once again twenty-one, the age he defeated Darth Carnage. He also noticed his clothes changed. they were pure white and silver Jedi robes. Calson did not know what this was all about, but he knew he could not return to the galaxy. From Ruusan he left for Zonama Sekotwhere he would stay until five centuries later.


"You have the heaviest load on your shoulder's Calson, and that is carrying everyone burden. You must beware when you do that becuase that can cuase more trouble then solve it." Jedi Master Dagon Oparus

Calson had a habbit in getting into everyone bussiness and trying to solve their problems. Even though this was annoyance to most people, everyone knew he had only the best intentions. He was kind, compassionate, and most of all loyal. Calson was dedicated to his friendships and would do anything for the people he loved. Calson had almsot no sense of humor, taking everything seriously, however this changed when he got married to Sarah Minon.

Behind the Scenes

Calson's Debut was Star Wars:A New Beginning

Calson was created by Haden

There is controversary to the identity of Calson's mother since it was never mentioned who Calson's mother was. Soem speculate that the mother is Karios who Calson's father, Haden, had a deep friendship, however whether the two got intimate is highly unknown. Another theory is a Mandalorian woman by the name of Aren Ven who Haden had a romantic relationship with, again it is highly unknown if they had a child together.

Calson's name comes from his grandfather Markus Calson.

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