Plot Summary

Calvin and his parents along with Hobbes go over to the department store to go shopping.

Calvin notices a wooden Oliver railroad train toy......and the wooden Oliver railroad train toy comes to life in his imagination which causes Calvin to back away screaming in fear.

His mother tells him it can't come to life in the real universe and that it's just a play thing.

Calvin screams in fear every single time he sees a 'Thomas and Friends' wooden train toy collectable thinking that they're about to come to life any minute. Later that day, Calvin conquers his fear of the 'Thomas and Friends' wooden train toy collectables and sees how much fun they are to play with.

Featured Characters

  • Calvin
  • Hobbes
  • Mr. Jacobson (Calvin's dad)
  • Mrs. Jacobson (Calvin's mom)
  • Susie (silent cameo appearance)

Following Quotes

Narrator: 1 fine afternoon Calvin and his parents along with Hobbes went over to the department store. Calvin was very excited, but his nightmare began right after he went over to the 'Thomas and Friends' wooden train toy collectables aisle and it happened.

Calvin: "Hey, I have a wooden Oliver train toy just like that 1."

Calvin's imagination: The wooden Oliver train toy comes to life.

Wooden Oliver Train Toy Collectable: "Surprised to see me, Calvin? "

End of Calvin's imagination...........

Calvin: "'s after me............the wooden train toy itself it alive!"

Mrs. Jacobson: "Calvin, it's not gonna come to life in the real universe........."

Mr. Jacobson: "They're just fantasy characters, Calvin............"

Calvin: "But........but.........I saw spoke at me.........."

Narrator: Calvin was going completely beserk.

Narrator: Just then Hobbes checked on Calvin........

Hobbes: [Thinking] "Very funny, but Calvin's personal behavior seems to be connected with 'Thomas and Friends' wooden train toy collectables........this could be his 1 and only phobia."

Hobbes: "There's no reason to be terrified of a 'Thomas and Friends' wooden train toy collectable, Calvin, they're real fun play things that wouldn't hurt a fly.

Calvin: [In Fear] "Oh no way, Hobbes, they're coming to life..........they're out to get me."

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