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  • Sonic - Hobbes/Calvin/Calvin's Dad/Calvin's Dummy/Calvin's Principal/Moe/Calvin's Mom/Susie/Rosalyn/Himself/Thomas (from Thomas)/Tails (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Sally (from Sonic)/Amy (from Sonic)/Shadow (from Sonic)/Silver (from Sonic)
  • Tails - Calvin/Calvin's Dummy/Hobbes/Calvin's Dad/Calvin's Principal/Moe/Calvin's Mom/Susie/Rosalyn/Himself/Percy (from Thomas)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Charmy (from Sonic)/Coconuts (from Sonic)/Cream (from Sonic)/Marine (from Sonic)
  • Knuckles - Calvin's Principal/Calvin's Dad/Hobbes/Calvin/Calvin's Dummy/Moe/Calvin's Mom/Susie/Rosalyn/Himself/Gordon (from Thomas)/Garfield (from Garfield)/Vector (from Sonic)/Mighty (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Bunnie (from Sonic)/Rouge (from Sonic)
  • Sally - Calvin's Mom/Susie/Rosalyn/Hobbes/Calvin/Calvin's Dad/Calvin's Dummy/Calvin's Principal/Moe/Herself/Emily (from Thomas)/Amy (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Rotor (from Sonic)/Shadow (from Sonic)
  • Bunnie - Herself/Calvin's Mom/Susie/Rosalyn/Calvin's Dad/Calvin/Hobbes/Calvin's Dummy/Calvin's Principal/Moe/Molly (from Thomas)/Cream (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)
  • Antoine - Calvin's Dummy/Calvin/Hobbes/Calvin's Dad/Calvin's Dummy/Calvin's Principal/Moe/Calvin's Mom/Susie/Rosalyn/Himself/James (from Thomas)/Shadow (from Sonic)/Silver (from Sonic)/Coconuts (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)
  • Rotor - Himself/Hobbes/Calvin/Calvin's Dad/Calvin's Principal/Moe/Calvin's Mom/Susie/Rosalyn/Himself/Duck (from Thomas)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Big (from Sonic)/Manic (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)
  • Uncle Chuck - Calvin's Dad/Calvin/Hobbes/Calvin's Dummy/Calvin's Principal/Moe/Himself/Edward (from Thomas)/Thomas (from Thomas)/Sonic (from Sonic)
  • Amy - Susie/Calvin's Mom/Rosalyn/Hobbes/Calvin/Calvin's Dad/Calvin's Dummy/Calvin's Principal/Moe/Herself/Rosie (from Thomas)/Sally (from Sonic)/Cream (from Sonic)/Cosmo (from Sonic)/Blaze (from Sonic)/Marine (from Sonic)/Rouge (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Shadow (from Sonic)
  • Cream - Herself/Susie/Calvin's Mom/Rosalyn/Calvin/Calvin's Dummy/Hobbes/Calvin's Dad/Calvin's Principal/Moe/Lady (from Thomas)/Bunnie (from Sonic)/Amy (from Sonic)/Cosmo (from Sonic)/Marine (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Charmy (from Sonic)/Shadow (from Sonic)
  • Cheese - Himself/Calvin/Hobbes/Calvin's Dad/Calvin's Principal/Calvin's Dummy/Moe/Calvin's Mom/Susie/Rosalyn/Toad (from Thomas)/Yacker (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Pikachu (from Pokemon)/Kirby (from Kirby)
  • Shadow - Himself/Moe/Calvin's Principal/Calvin's Dad/Calvin's Dummy/Hobbes/Calvin/Calvin's Principal/Calvin's Mom/Susie/Rosalyn/Edward (from Thomas)/Silver (from Sonic)/Metal Sonic (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Sally (from Sonic)/Amy (from Sonic)/Cream (from Sonic)/Rouge (from Sonic)
  • Rouge - Herself/Rosalyn/Calvin's Mom/Susie/Moe/Calvin/Hobbes/Calvin's Dummy/Calvin's Dad/Calvin's Principal/Mavis (from Thomas)/Sally (from Sonic)/Bunnie (from Sonic)/Dulcy (from Sonic)/Amy (from Sonic)/Cream (from Sonic)/Blaze (from Sonic)/Shadow (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)
  • Dr. Eggman - Moe/Calvin's Principal/Hobbes/Calvin's Dad/Calvin/Calvin's Dummy/Rosalyn/Calvin's Mom/Susie/Himself/Diesel (from Thomas)/Metal Sonic (from Sonic)/Eggman Nega (from Sonic)/Snivley (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Vector (from Sonic)/Shadow (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)
  • Metal Sonic - Himself/Moe/Hobbes/Calvin/Calvin's Dad/Calvin's Principal/Calvin's Dummy/Rosalyn/Calvin's Mom/Susie/Dr. Eggman (from Sonic)/Sonic (from Sonic)/Tails (from Sonic)/Knuckles (from Sonic)/Sally (from Sonic)/Brain (from Pinky and the Brain)/The Principal (from A Goofy Movie)/Meta Knight (from Kirby)/Mewtwo (from Pokemon)/Squidward (from Spongebob)/Grumpy (from Snow White)

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