Calvin And Hobbes Guilty

Calvin And Hobbes Go To Jail For Blowing Up The Mosaic Stadium In Regina

Air Date: July, 22nd, 2011

Narrator: In Calvin's Dream At 12:00 AM When Calvin Went To Sleep He Had An Idea Blowing Up Mosaic Statium In Regina.

Calvin: Hey, Hobbes!

Hobbes: What?

Calvin: I've Got An Idea!

Hobbes: What Is It?

Calvin: Let's Blow Up The Mosaic Stadium!

Hobbes: Good Idea!

Narrator: When Calvin And Hobbes Got Out Of Bed Calvin And Hobbes Found A Rocket Car Which Phineas And Ferb Invented It.

Calvin: Lets Go Fast!

Narrator: When Calvin And Hobbes Went Fast, Calvin Saw Morshu's Shop.

Calvin: Look! Morshu's Shop!

Hobbes: Lets Go Inside!

Morshu: Fatroil, Rope, Bombs? You Want It? Its Your's My Friend. As Long As You Have Enough Rubies. Calvin? Hobbes? What Can I Help You With?

Calvin And Hobbes: Can We Have 5 Atomic Bombs?

Morshu: MMMMMMMMMM..... Okay, Its $5. Here You Go.

Hobbes: Thank You And See You Later.

Morshu: See You Later.

Narrator: 2 Nights Later... Calvin And Hobbes Went To Regina, Saskatchewan And Found The Mosiac Stadium And And They Decided To Blow It Up.

Calvin: HAHAHAHAHA! Hobbes, Go Get The Atomic Bombs.

Hobbes: Lets Put Them On The Grass.

Calvin: 3 Atomic Bombs On The Grass And 2 Atomic Bombs On The Grass.

Hobbes: Now Lets Blow It Up

Calvin And Hobbes: Boom! There Goes The Mosaic Stadium!

Calvin: Now Lets Go Home.

Narrator: After Calvin And Hobbes Went Home.. Calvin Looked At The Window, He Heard The Siren.

Calvin: Oh No! The Police Is Coming!

Hobbes: Run!!

Police: Your Under Arrest For Blowing Up The Mosiac Stadium!

Calvin and Hobbes: Let Us Go! You Rotten Idiot!

Narrator: When Calvin And Hobbes Went To Jail They Went To Court.

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