Episodes Featured

  1. Calvin Throws a Tantrum
  2. April Throws a Tantrum (A Little Bill and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Crossover)
  3. Hokey Wolf Throws a Tantrum (michaelsar12's Version)
  4. Caillou Throws a Tantrum
  5. Kermit Throws a Tantrum
  6. SpongeBob Throws a Tantrum
  7. Osama Throws A Tantrum (USA Hunting, Angry Birds, Thomas & Friends and Homestar Runner Crossover)


Release Date: June 3, 2010.



  • Calvin, throwing a tantrum.
  • Hokey, throwing a tanturm.


Mac and Frankie taking Spongebob to jail in "SpongeBob Throws a Tantrum".

Back Cover

Osama Bin Laden, Red Bird, Ernie and Percy from "Osama Throws a Tantrum"

April meeting up with Little Bill, Mac, Frankie and the others in "April Throws a Tantrum".

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