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  • Lazlo as Pikachu or Chimchar
  • Raj as Piplup or Phanpy
  • Clam as Buizel or Rhyhorn
  • Patsy as Yungoos
  • Nina as Girafarig
  • Gretchen as Totodile
  • Tootie as Pachirisu
  • Samson as Dedenne
  • Edward as Mewtwo
  • Chip as Pinsir
  • Skip as Heracross
  • Dave as Pidgey
  • Ping Pong as Starly
  • The Lemming Brothers as Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, Togedemaru
  • Wilburt as Bidoof
  • Ted as Tepig
  • Bob as Teddiursa
  • Milt as Hippopotas
  • Harold as Spheal
  • Almondine as Hoothoot
  • Amber as Buneary
  • Terrifield as Drowzee
  • Suzie as Rockruff
  • Scout Master Lumpus as Nidoking
  • Miss Doe as Nidoqueen
  • Slinkman as Braviary
  • Miss Mucus as Mandibuzz

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