Camp buckskin

An unwanted image a traveler got of Zone B or "Camp Bucksin"

Camp Read Scout Reservation, or more commonly abbreviated as Camp Read or simply 'camp', Camp Read is a Boy Scouts of America camp situated a few miles from Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains. Boy Scouts will go to camp Read to get a variety of merit badges ranging from Painting to Wilderness Survival. Campers from around Westchester County and even from other states come to enjoy the beauty of Camp Read. Most troops only stay a week at camp but some troops choose to stay two weeks or more just because they like it so much there. Camp Read is run by a well-operated staff who will enlist at one of the camp's three distinct zones: Camp Waubeeka, Summit Base, or other.

To make greater variety for campers, Camp Read has been divided into two seperate camps, Camp Waubeeka and Summit Base. There is quite a space between the two camps, around a mile in length. Travelers are known to step on the gas and and close their eyes as they get to the halfway point between Summit Base and Camp Waubeeka. Camp Waubeeka is home to some of the most dedicated staff in the world, most of whom will come back year after year all the way into college because they cannot get enough of camp. Camp Waubeeka features caving, where campers can take their pick of dry caves or wet caves where they can explore. Waubeeka campers have to cook their own food but they like it that way because it gives a competitive edge to the whole expierence that Summit Base lacks. Waubeeka is also home to a beautiful water front, adequate showers and of course the story of the legendary Third Brother. Summit Base is home to some of the laziest staff on the camp and are known to shut annoying CITs in the freezer for as long as two days. However, Summit Base features great and fun places such as Mt. Stevens and High Cope.

There is also a third and rather unmapped section of Camp Read right in between Camp Waubeeka and Summit Base. It does not have an official name but is classified as 'Zone B' by government officials. Not anything is known about this area that gets outside the government. Travelers driving between Waubeeka and Summit Base have reported seeing buildings and maybe even some camp sites there but no one has ever dared to actually stop and investigate. Rumors have started to circulate around that mysterious area. Some people say that Zone B is where all the staff members that didn't make the Waubeeka cut go so they can feel good about themselves for getting a job. But in reality, they are sent to Zone B so they can watch over the nation's top security prisoners. Since Alcatraz has been obsolete, Site B has taken over as the prisoner killing grounds. Zone B officials will round up the poor prisoners and torture them until they relent from a life of crime. Most prisoners will go down the pass to remorse after being force fed poison in the Zone B 'Dining Hall'. Prisoners that don't crack are pretty much sentenced to death. Zone B officials will drown prisoners in the Zone B swamp and then they herd them into open shower rooms so they can electrocute the water. Some prisoners have attempted to escape to Camp Waubeeka but the Zone B officials are relentless. They pursue the hapless prisoners and take pot shots at them from their pickup trucks as if they were hunting down bison. Prisoners have been tied to targets in the archery range and shot with blunt arrows, died from heat stroke in the burning furnaces, had their fingers cut off by axes, decapitated and then have their heads used as clay pigeons in the shooting range, or thrown in the huge pile of burning crosses at Zone B's horrific weekly 'Buckskin Campfire'. The name Bucksin Campfire is appropiate as well because several prisoners have been skinned and then their raw bodies thrown into mass graves and then burned. Some prisoners have died from the massive stench of death that hangs in the air at Zone B. Zone B has passed the holocaust in kills at 14 million prisoners killed.

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