Consider the following:

Atviro darbo vajus - ne vien Internete -- The Campaign for Working Openly not only through the Internet

The description of the project suggests overlaps with both the vagrant netizen ( ) concept and the pubwan ( ) movement.

There is an overall tone of social entrepreneurship, which I suppose is to be expected in a former Communist country. The need to help set people up in paying gigs is undeniable, and if the public domain is a means to that end, we can have no objections.

There is always the question of how to balance the possibly competing objectives of public domain content (except as it clearly notes otherwise), and advancing the "Min?i? sodas" consultants to Lithuania's corporations.

Our target group is independent thinkers with marginal Internet access, especially in the countryside and towns of Lithuania. Independent thinkers are people who not only think, but regularly return to their thoughts and develop them further. In this sense, they are self-directed, self-educated, and willing to work for free on projects they care about. They are slow to agree with others, and so everywhere they find themselves in the periphery. They are united by a shared value of "caring about thinking".

The advancement of pubwan, of course will entail similar dilemmas. We wish them well.

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