Can We Fix It? is an episode of

the eigth season.


Widget and Wubbzy are leaving to fix

a roof at the fix- it yard. But Arald

and Bertie try to stop them, (knowing

they can't do their job), but when a

white fluttering object falls onto

Wubbzy, Widget, Arald, and

Bertie get chased with Wubbzy behind

them thinking a monster captured him.

It all ends back at the Resting Home, where

the object flies off Wubbzy after running

under a viaduct. After Jerry comes to

see what happened, Bertie agrees about the

delay he and Arald caused and they're leaving

to go to the fix-it yard to do Widget and Wubbzy's building job

on punishment.





Arald and Bertie


Earl (cameo)

Robin (cameo)

Daizy (cameo)

Walden (cameo)


When Arald and Bertie were pushing the carts, something

comes off.

If Wubbzy looked up, he could have noticed

the object.

In a picture of Widget, she lurches to another


Arald and Bertie couldn't run that fast

when they ran away from the fix-it yard.


Title Card The monster's legs Wubbzy turning around

Jerry in pajamas

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