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Canada's New Mickey Mouse Club is a TV Show produced by Walt Disney Television and Cinar Productions (known as Cookie Jar Entertainment) which is aired from March 1, 1993 to December 28, 2003 and ran for 365 episodes. The 1990's theme song opening can be similar to The Mickey Mouse Club from 1988 to 1990 and The 2000's theme song opening can be similar to The Mickey Mouse Club from 1991 to 1993.


Mouseketeers (Boys)

  1. Jerry Weinberg
  2. Greg Johnson
  3. Billy Tracey
  4. Marvin Berg
  5. Brian Frodenberg
  6. Huck Morgainson
  7. Ken Glover
  8. Tom McGail
  9. Robert Tolley
  10. Keith Robinson
  11. Travis Bailey
  12. Gene Lewis
  13. Darrel Daily

Mouseketeers (Girls)

  1. Danielle Rochelberg
  2. Sonja Miller
  3. Ashley White
  4. Kaylee Taylor
  5. Sadie Delenason
  6. Toborr Allen
  7. Ella Magurite
  8. Judy Johnson
  9. Kirsten Taylor
  10. Brianna Richardson
  11. Lauren Stocker
  12. Megan Roberts
  13. Hannah McGail

Hosted by

  1. Velma Brown
  2. Mark Willis

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