INFO: Morenoville is a city in Riverside County, Douglas Island. It is located in the Builtmore Bay Metropolitan statistical area.

Caprice is a suburban community with housing for middle class and upper class people. There is a commercial corridor to the west. Caprice has been ranked one of the top places to live on Douglas Island.

Morenoville is located to the west and Builtmore to the north. To the east is the Pacific Ocean and to the south is the Moreno River.

The climate is mild, with mild summers. In the winter it is often cold and can get snow.

HISTORY: Caprice actually started as the City of Builtmore and was platted on the northern shore of the Moreno River. The town started as an upper class suburb to Morenoville and had a nice town core. Over time, Builtmore formed a commercial sector to the north, and thus Caprice was formed out of the old Builtmore town core. Today it is a suburb city of middle class to high class homes and condos. A newer commercial sector is to the city's west, as well as a major high school and elementary school complex.

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