Jedediah (Jed) Andrews was born in Kentucky in 1807 and spent the early part of his adult life in the US Army, where he was a hunter, tracker and scout - achieving the rank of Captain. After leaving the army he traveled to the Oregon country where he lived as an explorer and hunter. Returning to the Atlantic coast via a more northerly route, Jed made his way to Canada where published accounts of his adventures made him a minor celebrity throughout English speaking America. While in Canada, he made the acquaintance of Governor-General Grant.

Capt. Andrews, seeking to learn more of the world, sailed to England in 1830 where he attended Oxford University and met Admiral Noel Holland. His casual American attitude and stories of adventure again made him a minor celebrity. He also caught the eye of Victoria, prior to her ascension to the throne, and she continues to admire his intelligence and skill - to the incredulity of the aristocracy. After two years in Britain, his urge to explore the wilderness again took him to South Africa, where he is currently working with the British as a scout, translator and explorer. He is a friend to Governor-General Thesiger and has been active in the recent Xhosa and Portuguese campaigns.

Jed Andrews' first loyalty is to the United States, but considers the British Empire a force for good. While he has been a vocal critic of the inhumane treatment many natives have received, he always appeals to the higher values of the English people when doing so. Jed likewise despises slavery and hopes to see it come to an end in America. He hopes to make his way to India and China someday, but for now considers Africa his home.

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