Captain Simian At Your Service is an Ash & Friends Spoof to Samson At Your Service, with US Narration by Mark Moraghan.


  1. Ash Ketchum as Thomas (Sarah Natochenny)
  2. Scott Summers as Gordon (Kirby Morrow)
  3. Al Smith as James (Yuri Lowenthal)
  4. Nate Adams as Percy (Johnny Young Bosch)
  5. Virgil Hawkins as Duck (Phil LaMarr)
  6. Tom Cat as Bill (Don Brown)
  7. Jerry Mouse as Ben (Samuel Vincent)
  8. Ritchie as Stanley (Tara Jayne)
  9. Captain Simian as Samson (Jerry Doyle)
  10. King Bowser Koopa as Diesel (Jim Cummings)
  11. Rikochet as Skarloey (Carlos Alazraqui)
  12. Omi as Rheneas (Tara Strong)
  13. Loud Kiddington as Peter Sam (Cody Ruegger)
  14. Susan Test as Annie (Maryke Hendriske)
  15. Mary Test as Clarabel (Ashleigh Ball)
  16. Bugs Bunny as Sir Topham Hatt (Jeff Bergman)
  17. Chancellor Sheppard as The Earl of Sodor (David Wills)
  18. Macy as Rosie (Kerry Williams)
  19. Jaden Yuki as Stephen (Matthew Charles)
  20. Ty Rux as Winston (Andrew Francis)
  21. Penny Round as Marion (Wendee Lee)
  22. Sara LaFont as Millie (Kelly Sheridan)
  23. Snooper as Owen (Jeff Bennett)
  24. Blabber as Merrick (Tom Kenny)
  25. Tai Kamiya as Toby (Joshua Seth)
  26. Zoey Hanson as Henrietta (Amanda Brown)


  • Mark Moraghan: Captain Simian is a very proud primate. When he first arrived on the land of Cartoons, it was dark. Captain Simian was bringing the big dinosaur models to the Chancellor's new dinosaur park. But he didn't know the way.
  • Scott: (yawns)
  • Narrator: "And he was too proud to ask for help. So he got lost, and ended up in the ???. The ??? thought this was great fun. But Captain Simian felt a little silly making such a mistake. Captain Simian didn't reach the earl's estate until the next morning."
  • Captain Simian: "Morning, sir. Captain Simian here at your service."
  • Narrator: "One day, Bugs Bunny had a job for Captain Simian.
  • Bugs: "I need you to head up to the ??? and collect some stone to take to the mainland."
  • Captain Simian: "Yes, sir. Right away, sir. Ooh, need some food first, sir."
  • Bugs: "Very good, Captain Simian. But, please, if you don't know the way, you must stop and ask for help."
  • Captain Simian: "Not gonna make another mistake, sir. Know the way to the ???, sir. Hello, little ???. Better let me get my food first. Bugs Bunny has given me a very important job."
  • Ash: "What very important job?"
  • Captain Simian: "Ah, going to the ??? to collect stone for the mainland."
  • Ash: "Well, don't get lost on the way."
  • Captain Simian: (Scoffs) "Not gonna get lost. I know where the ??? is."
  • Virgil: "So we hear."
  • Nate and Virgil: (Laugh)
  • Narrator: "Captain Simian's wagons were lined up in the yard, ready to go."
  • Bowser: "Lost again, Captain Simian?" (Chuckles)
  • Captain Simian: "Not going to make another mistake I will have you know."
  • Narrator: "But Captain Simian back into Scott's ??? ??? by mistake."
  • Ritchie: "Um, Captain Simian, I think you might be making a mistake."
  • Captain Simian: "Just because I got lost when I first came to the town, everyone thinks I'm going to make another mistake. But I know what I'm doing."
  • Ritchie: "Okay, if you say so, but..."
  • Captain Simian: "Humph." (Grumbling) "Don't they think I know what I'm doing?"
  • Ritchie: "Oh, dear."
  • Narrator: "Then Ash came to collect Scott's ???."
  • Ash: Hey, Ritchie, where are the ??? ???"
  • Ritchie: Captain Simian took them."
  • Ash: "I suppose he's trying to prove how useful he is by doing everyone else's jobs now."
  • Scott: "Where have you been? I thought you were fetching my ??? today."
  • Ash: Didn't Captain Simian bring you your ???
  • Scott: "No, and the ??? is already 20 minutes late."
  • Ash: (Laughs) "Maybe Captain Simian decided to pull the ??? today."
  • Scott: Pull the ??? An ??? can't pull the express. You need a big, strong stallion like me."
  • Narrator: "Captain Simian puffed through the station pulling the express buffaloes, and didn't even stop."
  • Al: Captain Simian, where are you going? And where's Scott?
  • Captain Simian: "I don't know about Scott, but I'm going where I've been told to go."
  • Al: "I think you're making a mistake."
  • Captain Simian: "Just because I made a mistake when I first came to the town, everyone thinks I'm gonna do it again, but I'm not."
  • Tom: "What's this? The new ???"
  • Tom and Jerry: (Laugh)
  • Captain Simian: "I may not be fast, but I am the strongest and most useful ??? in the town."
  • Jerry: "Very useful, I'm sure."
  • Tom: "Keep up the good work."
  • Tom and Jerry: (Laugh)
  • Captain Simian: "I will. At least those two can see what a useful ??? I am."
  • Narrator: "By now, Sonic was very late. He still didn't have any ???. Bugs Bunny was cross."
  • Bugs: Scott, you will have to take Susan and Mary. And Ash, you will have to take Zoey.
  • Ash: But Zoey is Tai's ???.
  • Scott: "Oh, the indignity."
  • Captain Simian: Hello, ???. Captain Simian at your service."
  • Omi and Loud: "Captain Simian!"
  • Rikochet: "What a surprises"
  • Captain Simian: "Ready to collect the heavy stone for transportation for the mainland."
  • Rikochet: "Oh, uh, yes. But we were expecting you to arrive with empty wagons, not ???."
  • Loud: "You're brought the ???, Captain Simian."
  • Narrator: "Proud Captain Simian felt very silly now. Despite telling everyone that he wasn't going to, he had made a mistake after all."
  • Susan and Mary: "Whoo-hoo!"
  • Susan: "Ooh, Scott!
  • Mary: "I say, slow down."
  • Susan: "Oh, dear me, yes. Slow down."
  • Scott: (Groans)
  • Susan and Mary: (Yelping)
  • Susan: "Oh, dear!"
  • Narrator: "Susan and Mary were not used to being ??? and going too fast."
  • Susan: "I feel quite giddy."
  • Mary: "I'm amazed we got here in one piece."
  • Scott: "Oh, the in... Captain Simian, my ???! Stop!"
  • Bugs: Captain Simian? Captain Simian, where are you going now?"
  • Captain Simian: "Uh, taking these ??? back, sir. Need to take wagons instead, sir."
  • Bugs: "Indeed, ???. You have caused confusion and delay."
  • Captain Simian: "Sorry, sir, didn't mean too. Made a mistake, sir."
  • Bugs: "We all make mistakes, Captain Simian, but we make more mistakes when we act like we know it all."
  • Captain Simian: "Yes, sir. I know, sir. Won't let it happen again, sir."
  • Narrator: "At last, Captain Simian collected the empty wagons, and took them up to the ???. But by the time the wagons were loaded up with stone,"
  • Captain Simian: (Yawns)
  • Narrator: "It was too late to take them to the mainland. And Captain Simian had to spend the night in the quarry again."
  • Loud: "Fancy bringing Scott's ??? up the quarry. The stones would have been very comfortable."
  • Rikochet, Omi and Loud: (Laugh)
  • Omi: "Every stone would have had a seat for itself."
  • Rikochet, Omi and Loud: (Laugh)
  • Captain Simian: "Oh, oh, yes." (Laughs) "Oh, imagine; a stone on a seat." (Laugh) "Oh, that's very funny."
  • Captain Simian, Rikochet, Omi and Loud: (Laugh)

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