Captain hook has a defeat like The evil queen falling to her death, Monstro banging on the huge rock, The ringmaster putting his head in the bucket, Maleficent killed by Prince phillip, Cruella de vil falling to her death on the ground, Amos slade having a broken foot, Texas pete getting flashed by the control in Superted and the stolen rocket, Hades getting flushed by the green death, Jafar trapped in the lamp getting thrown away, Dr. Facilier falling into the magic death, Sykes getting killed by the train, McLeach falling to his death, Napoleon getting killed by the animals, Madame blue dying, Dennis the hitman bumping himself to his death, Prince pyjamarama slipping to the water fountain, Miss Trunchbull defeated by the kids, Sa'Luk turning into the solid gold and Coco getting taken photos by people.

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