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Reioko Talon, solely known as General by his army, was born in the huge black water city in 2013. He lived in Blackwater city, Azmoth for the first three years of his life. His father went off to war 2016 with the rank Lieutenant Colonel in the A.M. (Azmoth Marines) With his father gone, fighting for the Tridon/ Azmoth war, Reioko and his mother moved away from the war front. After one year of living in Dantum, Azmoth, a small country-side, he, at the age the age of 4 learned how to read, write, fight, and play a very similar instrument to the guitar, the Xonhare. Reioko’s dad finally comes home for a short break, with Reioko 6.

But quickly, his father had to return to duty, and Reioko was left again, without a father. Reioko’s brother Jack was born in 2023 in Dantum and Reioko instantly loved him. He took care of him, and watched him when his mom was busy. That same year, they received a letter of his father’s death. In 2026, Reioko, now 9, fired a gun for the first time. He moved to Earth in 2033, in Fairless hills, Pennsylvania, USA. Seeing the unfairness in the world, Reioko studied the acts of famous revolutionaries, and gained high strategic knowledge.

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