Care Bears/American Dad (or Care-a-Lot Bear) is a fanmade series with American Dad audio over Care Bears clips. It's inspired by My Little Pony/Family Guy.


  • Grumpy Bear as Stan
  • Cheer Bear as Francine
  • Share Bear as Hayley
  • Funshine Bear as Steve
  • Grizzle as Roger
  • Wingnut as Klaus
  • Tender Heart Bear as Jeff

Voice Cast

  • Seth MacFarlane - Grumpy, Grizzle
  • Wendy Schaal - Cheer
  • Rachael MacFarlane - Share
  • Scott Grimes - Funshine
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Wingnut
  • Jeff Fischer - Tender Heart

Theme Song Lyrics

  • Grumpy: Good morning, Care-a-Lot,
  • A perfect day to see if kids are either friendly or not
  • The world has its people who play, laugh, and share,
  • And I think that it's a great way to show just how much you care
  • Oh, boy, it means a lot,
  • Grizzle: Good morning, Care-a-lot! Ack!
  • Good morning, Care-a-Lot!!

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