Version 1 (by PB&Jotterisnumber1)

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  • Tenderheart Bear as P.C. Popple
  • Cheer Bear as Party Popple
  • Cozy Heart Penguin as Pancake Popple (Both are warm and friendly and are voiced by Pauline Rennie)
  • Bright Heart Raccoon as Puzzle Popple
  • Love-a-Lot Bear as Prize Popple
  • Proud Heart Cat as Puffball Popple
  • Playful Heart Monkey as Putter Popple
  • Polite Panda as Pretty Bit Popple
  • Treat Heart Pig as Potato Chip Popple
  • Birthday Bear as Punkster Popple
  • Harmony Bear as Punkity Popple
  • Baby Tugs Bear as Bibsy Popple (genderbent role)
  • Baby Hugs Bear as Cribsy Popple
  • Six Bird Buddies as The Pufflings
  • Champ Bear as Big Kick Popple
  • Good Luck Bear as Cuester Popple
  • Lotsa Heart Elephant as Dunker Popple
  • Loyal Heart Dog as Net Set Popple
  • Funshine Bear as Pitcher Popple
  • Brave Heart Lion as T.D. Popple
  • Jason as Billy Wagner
  • Kim as Bonnie Wagner
  • Alvin as Mike
  • Gay as Penny