• Tenderheart Bear as Woody
  • Brave Heart Lion as Buzz Lightyear
  • Secret Bear as Mr. Potato Head
  • Love-a-Lot as Mrs. Potato Head
  • Loyal Heart Dog as Slinky Dog
  • Treat Heart Pig as Hamm
  • Good Luck Bear as Rex
  • Grams Bear as Bo Peep
  • Cheer Bear as Jessie
  • Cozy Heart Penguin as Weezie
  • Lotsa Heart Elephant as Rocky
  • Beastly as Scud
  • Jason (from The Care Bears Movie) as Young Andy Davis
  • Dark Heart as Sid
  • Christy as Hannah
  • Caboose (From Rude Dog and the Dweebs) as Young Buster
  • Toons (from Who Framed Roger Rabbit) as Mutant Toys
  • Veggietales characters as Other Toys