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This Mini Wiki will contain information for and about family and friend caregivers. Caregivers are individuals who give support and assistance to friends or family members who need such help due to a chronic physical or mental health condition. Sometimes the health care professionals such as nurses are referred to as caregivers. It is better to refer to them as care providers to differentiate them from the family and friend caregivers. Another variation of language is to refer to formal caregivers (in the health care profession) and informal caregivers (family and friends). However, family caregivers do not like this language because calling them informal devalues the care they give, the sacrifices they make, and the contribution they make to society.

A new international event to raise public awareness of caregivers will begin this year on October 1. The event is called "Glow With Us". Each year on October 1 place a string of Christmas lights in your window. At 8:00 pm local time, turn the lights on for the evening. This will help shine the light on family caregivers and show support for them.

Each country's healthcare system treats caregivers with varying levels of support. The purpose of this Wiki is to share best practices in each country so that those of us who advocate for caregivers can arm ourselves with more knowlege of public policy in this area.

Contributed by: Caregivers Nova Scotia Association

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