Carlton's Children's friends is a VHS from 30th Century Rox Home Video and NCH Video 1996 Featuring; Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends, Rosie And Jim, Bananas in Pyjamas, Old Bear Stories, Babar, Horrid Gringo Toad, Tots TV, The Simpsons; Don Bluth Thumbelina Drugs; Freddy Fox; Green Pingu; Monty The Dog; The Lampies; Arthur; Wakko's Wish; Rainbow; Bouncin Tigger Song; Wow Nursery Rhymes, Yellow Submarine; Thomas And Friends; The Snorks Dream Street Pingu, The Big Garage, Teddybears and Fireman Sam


  1. Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends: Oliver Owns Up Buzz Buzz And Thomas And Bertie
  2. Rosie And Jim: Bus Ride Rudio Station Horse Towing Eggs Puppet Show And Pony Riding
  3. Bananas in Pyjamas: Banana Shop Banana Magic Atshoo Cafe Rat Boo And Banana Hiccups
  4. Old Bear Stories Old Bear Ruff Little Bear Boat Race The Play Little Bear Big Race The Car And Jolly Snow
  5. Babar: Babar Choice And The Phantom
  6. Horrid Gringo Toad: Horrid Gringo Toad Wedding
  7. Tots TV Magic Secrets Magic Balloons Bubbles A Rainy Day Splashing In The Pool And A Watery Surprise
  8. The Simpsons You Only Move Twice
  9. Don Bluth Thumbelina Drugs Acorn Gnatty Buttercup Grundel Toad taken from CIC Childrens Favourites
  10. Freddy Fox The Livewire Lampies
  11. Green Pingu Green Grandpa Comes To Stay
  12. Monty The Dog Monty Gets The Blame
  13. The Lampies Bit Of Jam
  14. Arthur Arthur The Wrecker
  15. Wakko's Wish Door Runs Popcorn Ruins Dot Death taken from CIC Childrens Favourites
  16. Rainbow The Tooth Fairy Game taken from Childrens Favourites Soushkin Comptation Calling Fun
  17. Bouncin Tigger Song
  18. Wow Nursery Rhymes Superted taken from CIC Childrens Favourites
  19. Yellow Submarine Blue Meanie Attack taken from CIC Childrens Favourites
  20. Thomas And Friends Thomas The Moron
  21. The Snorks Learn To Love Your Snork
  22. Dream Street: Jumping Jack
  23. Pingu Pingu Builds An Igloo Pingu Circus Pingu Makes Mistake Pingu Runs Away And Pingu Goes Fishing
  24. The Big Garage Welcome To The Big Garage And Boo Who
  25. Teddybears: Teddybears And The Tooth Fairy
  26. Fireman Sam: Bentley The Robot

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