Well I can give you a place to stay… On one condition… You have dinner with me tonight.


Carmen Zoëcay

Carmen Zoëcay is a crimelord based off of Nar Shaddaa.


  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 35 (born 44 BBY)
  • Alignment: Dark
  • Appearance: 5’6”, dark brown hair, brown eyes
  • Weapons/Equipment: Her criminal empire
  • Primary Role Player: NPC


Born the daughter of an infamous crime lord on the Smuggler’s Moon of Nar Shaddaa, Carmen had a life surrounded by the most diabolical characters in the galaxy. Her father, Cullum Zoëcay, ran various criminal activities from robbing banks to political assassinations. The man did not hide who he was or what he did from his daughter but chose to show her and teach her his way of life. From the age of twelve she could con, lie, steal and cheat her way in and out of any situation. She had a sense of right and wrong but ignored this often to make money and gain power in her own right.

When she was sixteen, her father died of natural causes. She knew that this would cause a power vacuum in the criminal underworld and chaos would follow. She made a decision that would prevent this, she would take her father's place as the head of the organised crime group. Knowing the members of the group as well as opposing crime bosses would never accept a girl so young, she had to become her father. She never announced his death and used sophisticated holograms, droids and voice synthesizers to convince the galaxy he was still alive. She’s continued to keep this up for years having her 'Father' slowly pass responsibilities to herself in the public eye.

Nine years after her father’s death she walked into one of the cantinas she owned on Nar Shaddaa; it was only a front for some of her mercenary dealings but she had a small office there. While walking through the bar area she noticed a game of Pazzak between some of the mercenaries and decided to join them. The game went on for hours until all the players had left with the exception of herself and a greenhorn mercenary, Nic White. She won the game as well as Nic’s stake of his bodyguard services for six months.

While Nic worked for her, they became lovers and she opened up too him in a way she had never done with anyone else. He also opened up and they learned each others secrets, Carmen became the only person in the galaxy who knew that Nic White and Simon Raikelli were one and the same. Carmen soon fell in love with Nic and even proposed to him before he left her services to continue working as a mercenary. Absence did make her heart grow fonder for the man she had fell in love with and kept tabs on his activities as well as those in his past.

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