Carol Ryder is the main protagionst and the love interest of Zak Saturday appearing in 8 Siblings and A Middle Child. She has short orange hair and blue eyes. Her main outfit is composed of: a red short sleeved shirt, purple skirt, pink pantyhose and black dress shoes. She is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern (who also voices Mina Aino from Sailor Moon). At her age, she is 13 years old.


  • Cynthia Ryder (Mother)
  • Peyton Ryder (Father)
  • Adele Ryder (17-year-old Sister)
  • Xavier Ryder (16-year-old Brother)
  • Kaya Ryder (15-year-old Sister)
  • Joseph Ryder (14-year-old Brother)
  • Connor Ryder (11-year-old Brother)
  • Ross Ryder (10-year-old Brother)
  • Luca Ryder (8-year-old Sister)
  • Carrie Ryder (5-year-old Sister)
  • Zak Saturday (Love Interest)


  1. Being nice to Zak
  2. Going for pro
  3. Running for election


  1. The way Sheri treats her
  2. Being humiliated by The Willmore Twins
  3. Getting into trouble with Principal Garcia

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