Some say she is a manifestation of the mun put inside the game. Some say she's an omnipotent being from another plane sent to guide those who need help. All agree, however, that she an insightful, sarcastic, and generally obnoxious bitch. Carrie assigned herself to Itachi on July 8th, 2005 under the role of relationship advisor in regards to Itachi and Sasori's relationship. She has since claimed the position of assistant, bodyguard, sidekick, and general badass.


She is often refered to as "that weird girl who hangs around Itachi", and understandably so, as thats usually where shes seen. However, though she is most often found around Itachi, she has also been known to spread out and speak to other residents of the city...usually in an offensive or rather silly fashion. Despite her crackish antics and questionable behavior, she's actually full of good information and enjoys helping people out.


"......If you two are going to be nicer, then I'll take your word for it. But you are still banned." "aawww. *wibbles* and here i was going to bake you a pie. you can forget it now :\" "Well.....good. I hate pie anyway, or any kind of sweets." "Well GOOD cause you don't get any!" - Itachi and Carrie

Supportive. Of course. Being supportive is what Mugenjou is all about. We're as supportive a old wooden bridge, barely tied together and composed of decaying wood. 8D - Just Carrie

So I was over by the cock(4) the other day, you know, the one by the big metal cock?(2) Yeah, so there I was minding my own business when the cock(3) cock(1) came over and cocked(7) his cock(..8) at me. :X I of course, did the only rational thing to do in that situation; cock(6) my gun and shot that cocky cock(1) bastard. - Carrie, explaining the meaning of "cock" to Mahaado

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