Carrie's Greatest Missions intro/outro is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make.


  • Here's the opening and closing to the 2003 Randy Charmton spin-off: Carrie's Greatest Missions. The opening theme is in the style of Totally Spies!, as well as the intro sequence. The end theme is an instrumental version of the show's theme, as well as the outro sequence which is in the style of the second season of Dexter's Laboratory. After the outro, we show the Joe Murray Productions and Nickelodeon splat logos.

Opening Lyrics

  • Play: Here we go we're getting out on the road till we stop, and then we'll shop. So one, two three, now, baby, here we go, go, go Here we go, here we go, on a mission undercover and we're in control, here we go, here we go, We're the Totally Spies so we'll get on with the show. Here we go, here we go. 

​Closing Lyrics

  • (Instrumental version)

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