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  • Lightning McQueen as A
  • Sally as B
  • Lizzle as C
  • Mater as D
  • Sarge as E
  • Flo as F (from the skin of the F letter words)
  • Ramone as G
  • Holley Shiftwell as H ( from the car H letter words)
  • Carla Veleso as I
  • Fillmore as J
  • Gudio as K
  • Onuki as L
  • Miles Axelrod as M (from the car M letter words)
  • Doc Hudson as N
  • Leland Turbo as O
  • Nick Stickers as P
  • Mike as Q
  • Yeti as R
  • P't Flea as S
  • Victor Higo as T
  • Filk as U
  • Sulley as V
  • Ivan as W
  • Hamm Centurcut as X
  • Buzz Lightcar as Y
  • Woody as Z
  • and more

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