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Cars/Kingdom Hearts is a parody with Pixar clips and Kingdom Hearts sounds.


Version 1 (made by BrittalCroftFan, do not edit, add, or delete!)

  • Lightning McQueen as Sora
  • Sally as Kiari
  • Mater as Riku
  • Doc Hudson as Ansem
  • Ramone as Donald Duck
  • Flo as Daisy Duck
  • Red as Goofy
  • Mia as Namine
  • Tia as Xion
  • Young Carl (from Up) as Mickey Mouse
  • Young Ellie (from Up) as Minnie Mouse
  • The King as Ventus
  • Finn McMissle as Terra
  • Holly Shiftwell as Aqua
  • Pinky as Pluto
  • Frank as Pete
  • Sheriff as Axel
  • Chick Hicks as Xemnas

Thomas and UP Characters as Twilight Town Characters Cast:

  • Thomas as Roxas
  • Edward as Hayner
  • Percy as Pence
  • Emily as Olette
  • Diesel as Saifer
  • Spiteful Brakevan as Rya
  • Daisy as Fuu
  • Duck as Vivi
  • Carl Fredricksen as Yen Sid

Toy Story Characters as Disney Characters Cast:

Cast in Toy Wonderland

  • Bo Peep as Alice
  • Woody as Mad Hatter (cameo)
  • Buzz Lightyear as March Hare (cameo)
  • Mrs. Potato Head as The Queen of Hearts
  • RC as The White Rabbit
  • Mutant Toys as Cards
  • Bullseye as Chreshire Cat

Cast in Deep Backyard

  • Woody as Tarzan
  • Bo Peep as Jane
  • Mr. Potato Head as Kerchack
  • Buzz Lightyear as Terk
  • Sid as Mr. Clayton
  • Mrs. Potato Head as Kala
  • Other Toys as Grollias

Cast in Olympus Coliseum Toy

  • Woody as Hercules
  • Bo Peep as Meg
  • Buzz Lightyear as Phil
  • Sid as Hades
  • Twitch as Pain
  • Chunk as Panic
  • Bullseye as Pegasus

Cast in Toys' Asia

  • Woody as Aladdin
  • Bo Peep as Jasmine
  • Sid as Jafar
  • Buzz Lightyear as Abu
  • Mr. Potato Head as Iago
  • Bullseye as Magic Carpet
  • Wheezy as The Shop Peddler

Cast in Scud

  • Scud as Monstro
  • Woody as Pinocchio
  • Bo Peep as Cleo
  • Slinky as Geppetto

Cast in Toys' Ocean

  • Bo Peep as Ariel
  • Woody as Prince Eric
  • Mr. Potato Head as Sebastian
  • Buzz Lightyear as Flounder
  • Stretch as Usrula
  • Twitch and Chunk as Floatsum and Jetsum
  • Hamm as King Trition

Cast in Toys' Halloween Town

  • Woody as Jack Skellington
  • Bo Peep as Sally
  • Mr. Potato Head as Dr. Finklestine
  • R.C. as Zero
  • Mr. Potato Head as Lock
  • Mrs. Potato Head as Shock
  • Buzz Lightyear as Barrel
  • Hamm as The Mayor
  • Teenage Andy as Santa Claus
  • Sid as Oogie Boogie

Cast in Toys' Neverland

  • Woody as Peter Pan
  • Jessie as Wendy
  • Buzz Lightyear as Slighty
  • Lenny as Cubby
  • Bo Peep as Tinker Bell
  • Sid as Captain Hook
  • Scud as Mr. Smee

Cast in Hollow Bastion

  • Hamm as Beast
  • Bo Peep as Snow White, Alice, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle and Jasmine
  • Stretch as Maleficent

More Coming Soon

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