Cars/TUGS is a parody with TUGS sounds and Cars and Cars 2 clips.

Cast 1 (by Rebeccataylor1972. Do Not Edit, Add or Delete!)

Lightning Mcqueen as Ten Cents

Fillmore as Hercules

Sarge as Warrior

Doc Hudson as Big Mac

Ramone as Top Hat

Mater as Sunshine

Luigi as OJ

Guido as Grampus

Sheriff and Red as Frank and Eddie

The King as Sea Rogue

Lizzie as Sally Seaplane

Sally as Lillie Lightship

Finn Mcmissile as Boomer

Chick Hicks as Zorran

Mack as Fire Tug

Miles Axlerod as Johnny Cuba

Francesco Bernolli as Bluenose

Brent Mustangburger as Captain Star

Acer and Grem as Zebedee and Zak

David Hobbscap as Captain Zero

Crabby as Puffa

Otis as The Goods Engine

Darrell Cartrip as Zip

Bob Cutlass as Zug

Nantucket as Himself

Bessie as Pearl

Duchess as Herself

Boost as Jack the Grappler

Kathy Copter as Sailor Moon

Frank as Smelter

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