Cars/TUGS is a parody with TUGS sounds and Cars and Cars 2 clips.

Cast 1 (by Rebeccataylor1972. Do Not Edit, Add or Delete!)

  • Lightning Mcqueen as Ten Cents
  • Fillmore as Hercules
  • Sarge as Warrior
  • Doc Hudson as Big Mac
  • Ramone as Top Hat
  • Mater as Sunshine
  • Luigi as OJ
  • Guido as Grampus
  • Sheriff and Red as Frank and Eddie
  • The King as Sea Rogue
  • Lizzie as Sally Seaplane
  • Sally as Lillie Lightship
  • Finn Mcmissile as Boomer
  • Chick Hicks as Zorran
  • Mack as Fire Tug
  • Miles Axlerod as Johnny Cuba
  • Francesco Bernolli as Bluenose
  • Brent Mustangburger as Captain Star
  • Acer and Grem as Zebedee and Zak
  • David Hobbscap as Captain Zero
  • Crabby as Puffa
  • Otis as The Goods Engine
  • Darrell Cartrip as Zip
  • Bob Cutlass as Zug
  • Nantucket as Himself
  • Bessie as Pearl
  • Duchess as Herself
  • Boost as Jack the Grappler
  • Kathy Copter as Sailor Moon
  • Frank as Smelter

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