• Mater as Grover
  • Sarge as Cookie Monster
  • Lighting McQueen as Kermit
  • Luigi as Telly
  • Red as Big Bird
  • Jeff Grovet as Maurice
  • Finn McMissile as Phooey Louie
  • Gudio as Baby Bear
  • Holley Shiftwell as Prarie Dawn
  • Red as Snuffy
  • Professer Z as Huxley
  • Sally as Miss Piggy
  • Flo as Ingrid
  • Francassco Bernoulli as Gonzo
  • Blue McQueen as Louie
  • Blue Mater as Little Bird
  • Fillmore as Granny Bird
  • Professer Z as Dan Rather Not
  • Sheriff as Count
  • Mama Car as Perrie Dawn
  • Marlin ( From Finding Nemo ) as Sully
  • Deb ( From Finding Nemo ) as Rosita
  • Doc Hudson as Murray
  • Inez ( From Cyberchase ) as Mae
  • Carla as Curly Bear
  • Ivan Mater as Guy Smiley

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