Cartels are part of the aristocratic tradition and economic policy of the Horsehead Empire, Mantis Lords, and House Lionheart in that the economy should be dominated by businesses owned by the government, privately by individual nobles, or better yet by a combination of the two. This is especially true in the manufacture of spaceships and weapons, with the goal being to ensure that these nations/governments maintain strong militaries. But Cartels, especially with the Horseheads and Mantis Lords, also cover most aspects of their economies. House Lionheart is more open to private foreign investment and granting shares of ownership in their Cartels to commoners/ordinary citizens. The United Republic of Earth's ruling Senate has often debated the creation of similar businesses in certain areas, especially the manufacture of military hardware, be has been stridently opposed by the Interplanetary Merchant League. In the Horsehead Empire, the official Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun sometimes participates in Cartel ownership. The emphsis on state socialism or a mixing of capitalism and socialism may be noted.

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