Carter is a fan-made Thomas and Friends episode idea thought up by BiggestThomasFan.


  • Thomas
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Emily
  • Molly
  • Carter/D261
  • Den
  • Dart
  • Victor
  • Jerome and Judy
  • Kevin
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Edward (cameo; seen at Tidmouth Sheds)
  • Duck (cameo; seen at Knapford Yards)
  • Donald and Douglas (cameo; seen at Knapford Station)
  • Stanley (cameo; passes James while he's taking Henry to the steamworks)
  • Ferdinand (cameo; passes Carter at the end of the episode)
  • Dennis (cameo; passes through Elsbridge Station)
  • Annie and Clarabel (cameo; being pulled by Thomas)
  • Stepney (mentioned)
  • Diesel (mentioned)
  • Arry and Bert (mentioned)
  • Diesel 10 (mentioned)
  • Harold (mentioned)


UK and AUS

  • Mark Moraghan as the Narrator
  • John Hasler as Thomas
  • Keith Wickham as Henry, Gordon, James, Den and Sir Topham Hatt
  • Nigel Pilkington as Percy
  • Teresa Gallagher as Emily, Molly and Judy
  • Jim Howick as Carter/D261
  • Steven Kynman as Dart
  • David Bedella as Victor
  • Tim Whitnall as Jerome
  • Matt Wilkinson as Kevin


  • Mark Moraghan as the Narrator
  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • Kerry Shale as Henry, Gordon, Den and Kevin
  • Rob Rackstraw as James
  • Christopher Ragland as Percy
  • Jules De Jongh as Emily and Molly
  • Jim Howick as Carter/D261
  • Steven Kynman as Dart
  • David Bedella as Victor
  • Tim Whitnall as Jerome
  • Teresa Gallagher as Judy
  • Keith Wickham as Sir Topham Hatt


Narrator: Henry's brakes hadn't been working well. So James was helping him to the steamworks so that they can be repaired.

Henry: Who will do my work while I'm being repaired?

James: I don't know, Henry, but I think Sir Topham Hatt is going to see if an engine from the Other Railway can help out while you're at the steamworks.

Narrator: After James took Henry to the steamworks, he puffed back to Knapford. Sir Topham Hatt was just about to speak to Gordon and Thomas.

Sir Topham Hatt: Ah, James, you're just in time. I was just about to tell Thomas and Gordon that while Henry is being repaired, Carter from the Other Railway will help out here.

James: Carter? As in that Class 40 diesel that visited us once?

Gordon: And the one that sucked that inspector's bowler hat?

Sir Topham Hatt: The very same. I'm afraid he was the only engine the Other Railway could spare.

Thomas: But he was rude to us the last time he visited Sodor.

Sir Topham Hatt: Well, I'm sure he's learned a thing or two about being a really useful and kind engine. Just try to be nice to him, please. He'll be arriving here tomorrow.

Narrator: That night, at Tidmouth Sheds, Thomas, Gordon and James told the other engines about what Sir Topham Hatt said about Carter coming back.

Emily: I don't think I've ever met this Carter before.

Percy: You're lucky, Emily. He came to Sodor during one of Stepney's visits, and told us that we should be scrap.

James: The sooner Henry's repaired, the better. That Carter is as bad as other diesels on our railway, like Diesel, Arry, Bert and Diesel 10.

Thomas: Sir Topham Hatt did say that Carter might have learned a bit about being a really useful and kind engine. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if he's right.

Narrator: The next morning, Thomas and his friends were woken up by a loud horn.

Gordon: Oh! (Yawns) Who's that honking?

Carter: It's Carter. That's who! Hello, lazy steamers.

James: That's not very nice!

Carter: Really? I'm just so annoyed about having to come back to Sodor.

Percy: Why?

Carter: Because everyone back on the Other Railway laughed at me when they heard about my incident with that bowler hat. I had never been so embarrassed before. And when I heard I had to return to fill in for your friend, Henry, I was very annoyed indeed. Now I have to work with you steamers again.

Thomas: But haven't you learned anything about being a really useful and kind engine?

Carter: Me learn about being kind to steamers? Ha! I still think Sir Topham Hatt should scrap all of you and get engines like me. Like I said before, your crews have to fuss around you for hours before you're ready.

Narrator: Before any of the engines could reply, Carter rolled away. Carter was starting to become ruder than ever to the steam engines. Later that morning, he met up with Thomas and Percy.

Carter: Oh, Thomas and Percy, you two are just too small to be useful. I can pull trains that are heavier than what you two can pull.

Thomas: We can be just as useful as you, Carter.

Percy: Yeah, and we're not afraid to show how strong we really are.

Carter: Oh really?

Narrator: Then, Carter met up with Emily at Elsbridge Station.

Carter: Old engine, you're so old and out of date that you should be in a museum.

Emily: My name is Emily, and I maybe old, but I'm still a hard worker and really useful engine!

Carter: Pah!

(Carter leaves)

Emily: James was right. Carter is as bad as most rude diesels.

Narrator: Later that afternoon, Carter met up with James at Maron Station.

Carter: Your red paint is too bright, James. You should either stay dirty all the time or get a new color.

James: I'm very proud of my red paintwork, Carter! I may have not always been painted red, but I think it's a great color, and my driver once told me that everyone says I brighten up their day.

Carter: Oh, rubbish!

Narrator: The other engines were furious about Carter's rude comments to them.

Thomas: He told me and Percy that we were too little to be useful.

James: He told me that my red paint is too bright.

Gordon: He really is disgraceful!

James: And disgusting!

Emily: And despicable!

(Carter honks his horns)

Thomas: Here he comes.

Carter: Hello again. I just completed my jobs for the day, and I'm very proud of myself. I wouldn't be surprised if Sir Topham Hatt was impressed by my hard work and decided to get rid of you all and bring in more diesels.

Den: How dare you!

Narrator: Den and Dart had been nearby, and they had heard all about Carter from the other engines.

Dart: What he means is we're cross about you being rude to the steam engines.

Carter: You diesels are actually standing up to me?

Den: Yes, and if we may say something, we used to be just like you.

Dart: What he means is we used to not like steam engines either. But then we learned that being rude to them doesn't get the work done.

Den: Exactly!

Carter: What are you two saying?

Den: We're saying that if you don't work well with the steam engines here, your work may not get done.

Dart: Sometimes you need to put differences aside to be a really useful engine.

Carter: Nonsense! I know how to get my work done.

Narrator: But as Carter rolled away, he couldn't help thinking about what Den and Dart had just said. The next day, Molly was taking a goods train to Vicarstown. Everything was going well with her, but her trucks were board and wanted some fun. When Molly started to go down a hill, the trucks pushed her forward.

Troublesome Trucks: On! On! On!

Molly: What? Stop pushing! (Tries to brake) Oh no! My brakes aren't strong enough.

Troublesome Trucks: On! On! On! Faster! Faster! Faster!

Molly: Oh no! There's a crossing ahead, and the gates are closed.

Narrator: A taxi had a flat tire and was in the middle of the crossing.

Molly: Look out! I can't stop in time!

Taxi Driver: (Gasps)

(Everyone clears the crossing, but the taxi gets left on the crossing and Molly crashes into it)

Molly: (Groans)

Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt soon heard the news and hurried to see if there were any engines nearby. He found Carter in the yard.

Sir Topham Hatt: Carter, there's an emergency. Molly came off the rails at a crossing and I need you to take Jerome, Judy and the workmen to clear the wreckage.

Carter: Me, sir? But I...

Sir Topham Hatt: Please go now. You're the only engine here and the accident needs to be cleared up as soon as possible.

Narrator: Carter still didn't want to help the steam engines, but then he remembered what Den and Dart told him yesterday.

Carter: Um, yes, sir. (Goes over to Jerome and Judy) Wake up, you two.

Jerome: Judy!

Judy: Jerome!

Jerome and Judy: Emergency!

Carter: There certainly is one. Someone named Molly derailed at a crossing.

Judy: Right!

Jerome: Crew up!

(The workmen board the works unit coach)

Jerome: We're ready!

Judy: Let's go!

(Carter takes them to the rescue)

Narrator: They soon found Molly and set to work clearing up the mess. Jerome and Judy lifted trucks back onto the rails and Carter pulled them away. Then they had to help Molly.

Jerome: Have you got her at the front there, Judy?

Judy: Yes, Jerome. Ready to lift.

Jerome: Me too.

Molly: Oh my! I'm not sure if I like being up in the air, like Harold the Helicopter.

Jerome: You're alright. You're alright.

Judy: We've got you.

(Jerome and Judy lift Molly back onto the rails)

Carter: Hello, Molly. I'm Carter, and I'll take you to the steamworks, so you can be repaired.

Molly: Thank you.

Narrator: When Carter and Molly arrived at the steamworks, Sir Topham Hatt was there.

Molly: Thanks again, Carter. You certainly have been really useful today. Wouldn't you agree, sir?

Sir Topham Hatt: Yes. Well done, Carter! You have been really useful indeed.

Victor: I couldn't have said it better myself.

Kevin: Me neither.

Carter: Thank you, everyone. And now, I've officially changed my opinion on steam engines.

Narrator: Later, Carter met up with the other steam engines again.

Carter: I'm sorry I was rude yesterday. But I now understand the importance of being a good friend and really useful.

James: We heard that you rescued Molly, and we were surprised that you did. But we are glad to you've changed.

Narrator: So Carter and the other engines worked well together. When Henry returned from the steamworks a week later. Carter had become goods friends with all the engines on Sodor. And now, all the engines look forward to when Carter comes back to Sodor, and so does Carter.