Cast(DON'T EDIT!!!):

  • Sonic(From Sonic X) as Aladar
  • Adult Nala(From The Lion King) as Plio
  • Mufasa(From The Lion King) as Yar
  • Adult Alex(From Madagascar) as Zini
  • Young Kiara(From The Lion King II:Simba's Pride) as Suri
  • Amy Rose(From Sonic X) as Neera
  • Big the Cat(From Sonic) as Eema
  • Ellie(From Ice Age 2:The Meltdown) as Baylene
  • Dug(From Up) as Url
  • Scourge the Hedgehog(From Sonic Archie comics) as Kron
  • Vitaly(From Madagascar 3) as Bruton
  • Other cartoons as the dinosaurs
  • Young Simba(From The Lion King) and Young Kimba(From Kimba the White Lion) as the orphans
  • Queen Aleena the Hedgehog(From Sonic Underground) as Aladar's mother
  • Hyenas(From The Lion King) as the velociraptors

Voice cast:

Roger Craig Smith as Sonic

Moira Kelly as Nala

James Earl Jones as Mufasa

Ben Stiller as Alex

Michelle Horn as Kiara

Cindy Robinson as Amy

??? as Big

Queen Latifah as Ellie

Bob Peterson as Dug

Jason Anthony Grifith as Scourge

Bryan Cratson as Vitaly

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