BeastBoyRules52XD's spoof of The Nostalgia Critic - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Review w/ Chris Stuckmann.


King Dedede (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!) as The Nostalgia Critic

Buster Moon (Sing) as Chris Stuckmann

Escargoon (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!) as Star Wars Crawl Technician (Rob Walker)

Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time) as Rey (Tamara Chambers)

Marceline (Adventure Time) as Jyn Erso (Tamara Chambers)

Johnny (Sing) as Cassian Andor (Walter Banasiak)

Sheen (Jimmy Neutron) as Bodhi Rook (Doug Walker)

The Ice King (Adventure Time) as Saw Gerrera (Malcolm Ray)

Toffee (Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil) as Orson Krennic (Chris Stuckmann)

Simon (Adventure Time) as Galen Erso (Jim Jarosz)

C-3PO (Star Wars Droids) as Himself

Baymax (Big Hero 6) as K-2SO (Doug Walker)

Tenzin (The Legend Of Korra) as Baze Malbus (Malcolm Ray)

Toph (Avatar: The Last Airbender) as Herself / Chirrut Imwe (Jim Jarosz)

Digital Talkin Tarkin as Himself

Darth Vader (Star Wars Rebels) as Himself

Dr. Tenma (Astro Boy) as Rebel Intercom (Doug Walker)

Grizzly (We Bare Bears) as Stormtrooper #1

Eddie (Sing) as Stormtrooper #2

Various WWE Wrestlers (WWE) as Rebel Troopers

Princess Leia (Star Wars Rebels) as Herself

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