• Narrator: From the writer who brought you King Sheen and the Ducky comes A Mouse's Tale.
  • Jimmy: Welcome to Creatureboog, home of the creatures. A curious ant who eat pancakes with a food, and spend half their days making sketches and doodles, and cutting their hair into shapes like French poodles.
  • Narrator: From the producers of E.B. the Kindly Viking comes the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  • Jimmy: Isn't that story a little scary?
  • Sheen: Well, sure. If you tell it that way, but if you change things around a little bit, it becomes the story of Dr. Woody and Mr. Turbo!
  • Narrator: And from the creators of classic hits like The Hairbrush Song. Comes the SUV song.
  • Both: Oh-oh, you and me in our sport utility vehicles! We'll slam into four-wheel drive for a scoop of rocky road!
  • Narrator: They're all part in the latest VeggieTales release A Mouse's Tale and other stories. Now on DVD and VHS! Sunday morning values, saturday morning fun! From the studios of JimmyandFriends's Entertainment.

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