• Narrator: Wreck-It Ralph and Wallace, are on of mission.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: We have to get those plans.
  • Narrator: As they try to save Easter.
  • Jimmy Neutron: He's cancelled Easter.
  • Wallace: The factory! The chickens! It's all gonna blow!
  • Narrator: They'll need courage...
  • Granny Puckett: Hold on tight!
  • Narrator: They'll need straight...
  • Wallace: I can't go on.
  • Narrator: They'll need fairy.
  • Tinker Bell: Ding, ding, ding.
  • Narrator: Because, sometimes the littlest messager carely the biggest message.
  • Tinker Bell: The fairy of Easter changes everything!
  • Narrator: Inspired by the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol.
  • Tinker Bell: This isn't your past, Gru. This is the present.
  • Narrator: Don't miss this moving and powerful story that were minds this self the real reason millions of people's celebrate Easter.
  • Jack Skellington: Easter's not about plastic eggs and bunnies and baskets.
  • Narrator: And unforgettable CartoonTales special presentation. Featuring Disney's Peter Pan a flying magical fairy named Tinker Bell.
  • Tinker Bell: They're talking about the fairy of Easter!
  • Narrator: An Easter Carol. Coming to Home Video and DVD Spring of 2004.

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