• Narrator: Saddle up as the studios of Jimmyandfriends's Entertainment take you on a rootin' tootin' Bible adventure - E.B. and the Big Exit.
  • E.B.: Hi Ho Sliver Away!
  • Narrator: A rabbit called by God to lead his people to freedom.
  • Lucy Wilde: I think I'll name you "E.B.". It's indian for "Looking gold and finding a baby."
  • Cowboy Quartet: Singing Hi Yi Yippie Ki-o, she picked him up and named him E.B.
  • Narrator: E.B. is on a mission from God.
  • Woody: Let my people go.
  • Tex Richman: Let you go?
  • Woody: God said so.
  • Narrator: But he best watch out for Tex Richman.
  • Tex Richman: Round up the posse. I gotta score to settle.
  • Narrator: It's the epic story of E.B. like you've never heard it.
  • Cowboy Quartet: And the stars shine bright in the Rocky Mountain night - you know it must be love.
  • Narrator: The burning bush, it's in there! The staff that turns into a snake, we've got that too! The plagues on Egypt - we've got swarms and storms, werewolves and pimples and rivers running red!
  • Wynchel: What is it?
  • Duncan: It's... tomato juice.
  • (Jimmy Neutron faints)
  • Narrator: Get ready for a big story with a great lesson on following directions.
  • Woody: I do the talking, you do the thing with the stick. And God does the rest. That was the plan, remember?
  • Narrator: With a hilarious new silly song from the Friendz in the Sink!
  • Dexter: On the banks of the Nile, born and (Boyz join) raised! In the crib of the pharaoh in his teenage (Boyz join) days. 
  • Narrator: Plus more DVD bonus features than you can shake a stick at. CartoonTales heads west in the hilarious all-new feature - E.B. and the Big Exit. Own it on DVD today. (JimmyandFriends's Entertainment logo shows up) CartoonTales. Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun!
  • E.B.: Exactly!

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