• E.B. (Hop) as Larry the Cucumber as Joshua
  • SpongeBob SquarePants as Jimmy Gourd
  • Patrick Star (SpongeBob SquarePants) as Jerry Gourd
  • Eugene H. Krabs (SpongeBob SquarePants) as Scooter
  • Kermit the Frog (Muppets) as Pa Grape
  • Rango as Tom Grape
  • Carl Wheezer (Jimmy Neutron) as Percy Pea
  • Woody (Toy Story) as Archibald Asparagus as the Commander of the Army of the Lord
  • Finn McMissile (Cars) as Mr. Nezzer as Moses
  • Philo (Fraggle Rock) as Jean Claude as defender of Jericho
  • Gunge (Fraggle Rock) as Phillipus Pea as defender of Jericho
  • Jimmy Neutron as Bob the Tomato
  • Timmy Turner (The Fairly OddParents) as Junior Asparagus
  • Sheen Estevez (Jimmy Neutron) as Larry the Cucumber (cameo)

Chapter 1: CartoonTales Theme Song

  • (JimmyandFriends's Entertainment presents logo shows up)
  • Jimmy: Okay, Sheen, it's time for the theme song.
  • Sheen: Uh, yeah, Jimmy. What do I do?
  • Jimmy: Hmm... let's see. I know! You play the guitar.
  • Sheen: Jimmy! I don't have to play the guitar.
  • Jimmy: Oh, you're right. Well, okay, you play this.
  • (CartoonTales logo shows up)
  • Sheen: I don't want to play that! I'll look silly!
  • Jimmy: Oh, come on. It'll be fun.
  • Sheen: Nope, not going to do it.
  • (Created by JimmyandFriends title shows up)
  • Jimmy: It's for the kids.
  • Sheen: Oh. Okay. But they better not laugh.
  • Jimmy: All right! Better get on out there.
  • (Sheen walks on the screen with a tuba. While he's playing it, Jimmy appears.)
  • Jimmy: (Singing) If you like to talk to genius if a squash can make you smile if you like to waltz with animals Up and down the produce aisle... (Speaking) Have we got a show for you.
  • Chorus: CartoonTales, CartoonTales, CartoonTales, CartoonTales! CartoonTales, CartoonTales, CartoonTales, CartoonTales!
  • Jimmy: Elephant, penguin, gotta be...
  • Chorus: CartoonTales!
  • Timmy: Puppets, video games, toys...
  • Chorus: CartoonTales!
  • Sheen: Cauliflower, sweet and sour, half an hour...
  • Chorus: CartoonTales! 'There's never ever ever ever ever been a show like CartoonTales! There's never ever ever ever ever been a show like CartoonTales!  It's time for CartoonTa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ales!
  • (Sheen collapses then kids giggle and laugh at him)

Chapter 2: Countertop Intro

  • Jimmy: Hi kids! and welcome to VeggieTales! I'm Jimmy Neutron.
  • Timmy: And I'm Timmy Turner!
  • Jimmy: And we're here to answer your questions.
  • Timmy: Yep! That's right.
  • Jimmy: I bet you're wondering where Sheen is. He was a little tired after the last show, so we decided to let him sleep in today. But don't worry - he'll be here pretty soon. In the meantime, Timmy Turner has very graciously agreed to help out.
  • Timmy: Hi!
  • Jimmy: Now Timmy!
  • Timmy: Yes, Jimmy?
  • Jimmy: Today, we got a letter from Victor from California.

Chapter 3: Our Story Begins Here!

Chapter 4: "The Promised Land"

Chapter 5: "The Song of the Cebu"

Chapter 6: "Keep Walking"

Chapter 7: "The Lord Has Given"

Chapter 8: Back to the Wall!

Chapter 9: Qwerty Closer

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