Version 1

  • Narrator: No one gets to the promised land, without going through Jericho first.
  • Gunge: Keep walking, but you won't knock down our wall Keep walking. But she isn't gonna to fall! It's plain to see, your brains are very small To think walking, will be knocking down our wall.
  • Narrator: E.B. and the children of israel have gods directions. But should they follow them?
  • Timmy Turner: Oh I bet they always follow God's directions.
  • Jimmy Neutron: You think so, wouldn't you.
  • Carl Wheezer: We didn't have a lot of fun in the desert. We didn't have a lot of fun in the sand.
  • Rango: But saddle up your cow.
  • Carl Wheezer: And fall behind us now!
  • All: Because we're goin' to the Promised Land!
  • Narrator: Find out in made their right choice in E.B. and the Big Wall.

Version 2

  • Philo: Let them have it!
  • E.B.: Doubletime!
  • Narrator: Sometimes it's hard to be a hero.
  • E.B.: We're going to have to come in there after you!
  • Narrator: Especially, when your plans for vistory don't make much sense.
  • SpongeBob: We're supposed to walk around the city for seven days, blow our little horns, yell, and the walls are just gonna fall down. What we need, is serious firepower!
  • Narrator: But, when the whole lot of thing...
  • Kermit: Let's go to jericho!
  • Narrator: And, a rock and horn section. Those walls will come tumble and down!
  • SpongeBob: Boy, did I pick a lousy day to wear my contacts!
  • Narrator: For sunday morning values and saturday morning fun. It's CartoonTales: E.B. and the Big Wall! Including the hit Silly Song - Song of the Minions.
  • Timmy Turner, SpongeBob and Patrick: Achoomoomoo, boohoomoomoo, boohoomoomoo, achoomoomoo, achoomoomoo, boohoomoomoo, minions!
  • (Jimmyandfriends's Entertainment logo shows up)
  • Narrator: From the studios of Jimmyandfriends's Entertainment.

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