CartoonTales: E.B. the Kindly Viking is a teaser trailer


  • (Fade from black)
  • (Blue words on white background "You danced with "Fiddler On the Roof." as E.B. row boat into view)
  • Narrator: You danced with Fiddler On the Roof.
  • (Caption "You thirlled to The Sound of Music.")
  • You thrilled to The Sound of Music.
  • (Caption "Now get ready to... smile with E.B.!")
  • Now get ready to... (text "smile with E.B." zooms up) smile with E.B.!
  • (Text flips to the E.B. the Kindly Viking logo)
  • Narrator: E.B. the Kindly Viking.
  • E.B.: Hi!
  • Narrator: A CartoonTales Musical. (Border falls down) Coming Spring 2001 (JimmyandFriends Entertainment logo shows up) from JimmyandFriends Entertainment.
  • (Fade to black)

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