• Narrator: You love the Friendz in the Sink! So JimmyandFriends's Entertainment presents "Friendz in the Sink - Sing Yourself Silly". Adored by fans for their "Bellybutton" song from The Ballad of Sheen DVD, the F.I.T.S. have made a CD album. And now, their high up into making their first-ever DVD! Features classic songs like their debut song "Bellybutton", "A Mess Down in Egypt", "Bubble Rap" and more! But which new song will they sing? It's been decided! The votes are in, the choices been made, the results are final! We asked Friendz in the Sink fans across the globe to cast their votes and we have a winner! And the only way to find out which F.I.T.S. song is Number 1 is to see the countdown for yourself! See the Amazing Contraption of Silliness tabulate the votes! Watch those F.I.T.S. do - something by hosting the countdown extravangza! Dance the Harlem Shake with E.B. and Dexter! Also, watch "The Ballad of Sheen" for the F.I.T.S.'s first-ever appearance!

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