Teaser 1

  • Narrator: They're coming. Ready for battle. The strong, the mighty, the undefeated, excessively hairy, Midianites. Who will be chosen to defend God's people from these invaders? A reluctant tuba playing warrior, named Gobo Fraggle. From the Creators of King Sheen and the DuckyTimmy and the Giant Gorg and E.B. and the Big Wall. Comes an all-new CartoonTales adventure based on a legendary story. Can a few good cartoons stand against an army of thousands? Can a nation be defended by horns and flashlights? Find out in the story of courage, belief, and trust. Gobo: A Lesson in Trusting God. Coming Fall 2006. From the studios of JimmyandFriends's Entertainment. Sunday morning values, saturday morning fun.

Teaser 2

  • Narrator: JimmyandFriends is proud to present a very special behind-the-scenes look at the making of the next CartoonTales story: "Gobo: Tuba Warrior". The surprises begin right from the start!

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