CartoonTales: Gobo: Tuba Warrior Blu-Ray Trailer


  • (Fade from black)
  • (Blue words on white background "You've experienced a walled situation." as Gobo Fraggle hops into view, playing his baritone as a cartoon character plays a flute.)
  • Narrator: You've experienced a walled situation.
  • (Caption "You've lived in a place where there is royalty with a fondness of bath toys.")
  • Narrator: You've lived in a place where there is royalty with a fondness of bath toys.
  • (Caption "You've met three builders and...")
  • Narrator: You've met three builders and...
  • (Caption "Now get ready to... hear a warrior's tale!")
  • Narrator: Now get ready to... (text "hear a warrior's tale" zooms up) hear a warrior's tale!
  • (Text flips to the  Gobo: Tuba Warrior logo)
  • Narrator: Gobo: Tuba Warrior.
  • Gobo: Howdy.
  • (The flute-playing cartoon turns on some neon lights)
  • Narrator: Hosted by The Chipmunks - Alvin Seville, Simon Seville and Theodore Seville, "Gobo: Tuba Warrior" is a CartoonTales Musical with a Lesson about Trusting in God. (Border falls down) Now Available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download (JimmyandFriends's Entertainment logo shows up) from Jimmyandfriends's Entertainment.
  • (Fade to black)

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