• Narrator: From the studios at Jimmyandfriends's Entertainment, it's Gobo: Tuba Warrior. A CartoonTales adventure based on a legendary Biblical story. When God picks a tuba-playing fraggle to lead his people into battle...
  • Buzz Lightyear: He wants you to defeat the invading Midianites.
  • Narrator: You just gotta ask - "are you sure?"
  • Gobo Fraggle: We're outnumbered by more than 10 to 1!
  • Buzz Lightyear: Your point?
  • Narrator: But to command an army...
  • Gobo Fraggle: Join God's army, get a free flashlight.
  • Narrator: Gobo's gonna have to believe.
  • Buzz Lightyear: What kind of a sign do you need before you'll trust God? Do you want time to go backwards? Mountains to fall down? Talking cartoons to tell Bible stories?
  • Narrator: Gobo's faith in God and a rocking marching band would save his people.
  • Gobo Fraggle: We will defeat the Midianites with our horns and flashlights?
  • Band members: Huh?
  • Narrator: And get ready for a Ukelele Karaoke with Jimmy.
  • Jimmy: But Lance just kept on cooking, he was grilling full of glee! (sits on chair) He was marinating ribs cause he liked- (lyrics shred through fan) Uh... (reading pieces of lyrics) "Syrup with his feta cheese?"
  • Narrator: Gobo: Tuba Warrior. Marching onto DVD this November.
  • Theodore: Holy mackerel. That was cool!
  • Simon: I didn't really know much about Gobo before this. I knew that he left Bibles in hotel rooms, and that's about it.
  • Narrator: CartoonTales. Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun!

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