• Narrator: From the studios of JimmyandFriends comes "God Made You Special". 75 minutes of CartoonTales fun with a life-changing message!
  • Jimmy Neutron: God made you special...
  • Sheen: ...And he loves you very much!
  • Narrator: From the very first CartoonTales episode, this inspiring phrase has lifted the hearts of kids around the world! Now, Jimmy Neutron needs a little encouragement.
  • Steve Banks: Jimmy Neutron, kind of, has a little crisis of not feeling special, and he's reminded through these stories of the different ways that God did make him special.
  • Narrator: This fun-filled show is jam-packed with a special visit to Jimmy Neutron's house, a brand-new Silly Song, and four inspiring stories about how each one of us is special and unique!
  • Chet: It's showtime!'
  • Narrator: A shepherd boy learns that with God's help, little guys can do big things too!
  • Timmy: And I come at you in the name of the God of Israel whom this day should help me defeat you!
  • Narrator: An insecure cowboy finds the way to be loved is to just be himself!
  • Mr. Krabs: You're special just the way God made ya!
  • Narrator: A self-conscious mouse realizes that the way God sees us is the only thing that matters.
  • Creator: Here's what you look like, here's how I see you.
  • Narrator: And a trip to outer space helps the cartoons learn to appreciate the differences in others!
  • Timmy: And so instead of "weirdo", I think "friend's" a better name!
  • Steve Banks: We're really excited about "God Made You Special" as a project because it's such an important lesson for kids and, through the years of CartoonTales, it's really been the main message that we wanted to get across to kids and parents.
  • Narrator: Get ready for laughs, a great lesson, and lots of surprises with "CartoonTales: God Made You Special"! In stores August 2007! Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun!

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