• Nod: A hero is a guy that saves the world...
  • Russel: He's a big chance.
  • Ariel: I think anyone can hear you.
  • Narrator: When your talking heroes, they don't get any bigger than these!
  • Jimmy Neutron: Have you ever heard of a guy named Finn MicMissile?
  • Narrator: It's a one-two CartoonTales punch!
  • Pa Gorg: Now we fight.
  • Chet: It's showtime!
  • Narrator: Two brand new CartoonTales compilations, each bursting with 75 minutes of the greatest heroes of all time!
  • Timmy: You're kidding me.
  • Narrator: It's CartoonTales: Heroes of the Bible!
  • SpongeBob: Behold our creation!
  • Narrator: Three different CartoonTales stories on each fun-filled tape! Collect both tapes, and you'll get 6 stories, 8 heroes, more than 2 hours of fun, oodles of tunes, and kids. Lots of kids!
  • Merida: It's too funny!
  • Narrator: Don't miss out! Once these limited edition tapes are sold out, they won't be available again!
  • Cindy: (Gasp)
  • Gru: (Evil laugh)
  • (CRASH!)
  • Narrator: (overlapping) And at their special low price, they'll be gone before you know it! "CartoonTales: Heroes of the Bible!" - available March 2002!
  • (Crowd cheering)

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