• Narrator: Coming to DVD! CartoonTales' Heroes of the Bible! is back with "A Baby, A Quest and the Wild, Wild West".
  • Woody: I'm in!
  • Narrator: Three of the biggest stories in the Bible.
  • Crowd: Yahoo!
  • Narrator: Featuring three of its biggest heroes - Merida...
  • Merida: I just love my little brother, as all.
  • Narrator: ...Sheen...
  • Jimmy Neutron: Sheen!?!
  • Narrator: ...and E.B.
  • E.B.: Exactly!
  • Narrator: With its powerful lesson on the importance of family, Babysitter in DeNile tells the tale of Merida and Jack-Jack.
  • Lucy Wilde: It's like a totally cute baby!
  • Narrator: And saddle up for adventure as the story of E.B. continues in "E.B. and the Big Exit"!
  • E.B.: Hi Ho Sliver Away!
  • Narrator: The awesome power of God is at the heart of this wonderful story, as the fastest dodgeball slinger in the West, leads his people to freedom in one of the greatest stories ever told!
  • Hans: Who was that masked man?
  • Narrator: And the story of Sheen is a fantastic lesson in faith and perseverance.
  • Sheen: Hey, desperadoes! You better come to your senses!
  • Narrator: From the depths of despair...
  • Sheen: This does not look good.
  • Narrator: saving a nation, Sheen is keeping the faith in "The Ballad of Sheen".
  • Crowd: Yahoo!
  • Narrator: Enjoy all these Bible story classics: Merida and Jack-Jack, The Exodus, and Sheen. All in one DVD! Take home "Heroes of the Bible - A Baby, A Quest and the Wild, Wild West"! Now available in stores everywhere!

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